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  1. Hahaha if you like making your own olives one would suggest that fishing would be second nature Fisherman equals the eternal optimist, then add some fun and great locations and great company and food Any who, its not about the cost, its all about the addiction and the next fish, if you counted the zero catches versus the cost then most wouldn't fish Get out and enjoy the good life, a rod in one hand................fill in the rest
  2. Man thats the only way to eat fish especially when court with love pour marinade over top after its cooked.as well .....mmmmmmmm yummo love your work
  3. Man that's awesome... well done Still trying to get a hook up locally pisses me off that they chase everything I throw at them but don't take it...me thinks they are a bit street smart The day will come though
  4. Good tip as mentioned is to use a float in the bag so if it does comes lose at least it will float. I use a 2 ltr milk bottle with lid on of course Try not to overload it either, comes with practice and sure you will work it out. after a days fishing, this is one less thing to do at home
  5. Works great out metro, been using something similar to that idea for years, out fishes 3 to 1 All my fish buddies have gone the same way now Few years back tried a rig similar to paternoster and was bringing up double header squid In shallow water you could see the squid attacking the sinker as well Give it try ...youll be surprised at the results
  6. Great thread As mentioned already- bait comes from fishing sessions, burley comes from fishing sessions plus pellets from fodder store, Ice from 2 + 3litr containers in bait freezer lures and tackle always try to buy when on special and in bulk. in particular favourite squid jags bought 6 last time on special at $10.00 ea, normally $19 ea Joined a boating club with 24 hr acces to ramp, water and lights and secure car parking, no more 9.00 oclock shut off water, lights and limited access (12hr for 12 bucks ) went out 35 times last year Do all my own servicing, with help from others as well, Buy oil when on sale, spark plugs from a mate at motor store and recently filters, impellors and parts from all over the place If i cant do it myself I learn how.... You tube...amazing what you can learn Tightarse plus..... ......
  7. WOW xcllnt stuffAnd they are colour blind?Taste good but
  8. Hey guysFriend had the same problem we tracked it back to battery, wasn't holding enough charge even with engine running at fast idle,First I would check all electrical connections for corrosion, , look for the green oxidization on and in any connections/wiring, salt water kills copper wiring.Cheers
  9. You lucky lucky boyNo doubt there will be some fishing ,fishing and then some more fishing in fisherman's paradiseDid I mention fishingIm sure you will be smiling a lot,safe trip and lots of photos matecheers
  10. All really great spots and great advice there unhookedfish, Most of those spots are heavily fished round summer time. Shoal grounds are roughly 27 kms out, so I would be only going in biiig boat. If you want to try in close try towards Minlacowie there is some xcllnt spots close to rocky reefy areas that fire up in the coming months.Closer to Pt Turton (16Kms out)there is a ground I call "the spit" also worth a try. Good luck and tight lines.