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  1. HB, is your Nitro Vapor still for sale?


  2. Hugo

    New rod

    I have the same rod - Samaki Vanquish. Great rod. I use 3000 size Daiwa and 4000 size Shimano reels and they balance nicely. I reckon the Stella 8000 will be a tad too heavy. I have an older Saltiga coastal rod I use with Shimano 8000 size reels and its the bomb! Any of the better quality 6' - 6'5" rods rated for jig weights up to 350g - PE 3-4 would be ideal. Go slow pitch - great fun...
  3. howdy amigo...just wondering what blank the custom super stik solid tip 8kg snapper rod $100 is built on please?...im looking for another old school snapper rod...cheers


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    2. bratko


      nice....thanks for your reply amigo...selling any rods or reels by any chance?....cheers


    3. bratko


      hunting a saltiga Z 4500 and certate hyper customs...cheers


    4. Hugo


      Nothing for sale ATM.

  4. Hugo


    Absolute gun bait. great also for bream, flathead, mullet, tommies etc. A gentle lob cast unweighted on a soft tipped rod and allowed to drift or slowly retrieved they are deadly. I've found that if you keep winding when you feel a bite it improves the hookup rate.
  5. +1 for this rod. Ian at SFS recommended this rod to me to take on a recent trip north. Matched it with a 3000 size daiwa reel running 30lb braid and it handled barra to 90cm. Threw everything from 3" weedless swimmerz and 20g soft vibes up to 120mm crystal minnows and B52's and casting for long periods wasn't a hassle. Would match up as well with a 2500 reel as Dylbaa mentioned. I'll be using it locally on the Kayak for squid etc. It would struggle flicking micro HB's, soft plastics or small poppers for bream and YFW, but anything heavier would be fine. Throw in a 4-8lb 7' spin rod with a 2000
  6. Can you call me on 0427659587 to arrange a time and place to catch up re the Caldia. Thanks, Hugo

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    2. Hugo


      Called into BCF Richmond today, but the staff said you were not working there?

    3. Kuerschie


      Hmmm I was working there but left the store for half an hour to run a store order down to BCF Marion. I am very sorry for making you run down to Richmond for nothing, which part of the hills are you in? I can come through tomorrow afternoon if that suits you?

    4. Kuerschie


      I'll give you a call tomorrow AM to sort it out. My number is 0406552742

  7. Give me a call on 0427659587. Might be able to help out with an outfit for you. Hugo

  8. Might have seen the same one reelfun off Parson's about 5klm off shore. Big as a VW beetle bonnet. Hope it got untangled OK.
  9. Fresh water side of the barrage on the Mary River is a good one day option. Early start, 2 hour drive, great scenery, barra and saratoga usually on the cards. Lots of operators will take you there and you won't have to share with any randoms as you can book plenty of boats for just 2 people.
  10. Hugo

    what braid

    Better quality braid will last longer and be better "fit for purpose". Depending on what your fishing for, maybe a 150 yard top shot will be all you need. Agree with Outandabout Fins and Powerpro are both very good brands. I use Suffix 832 mostly now for lines up to 30lb, but speak to any reputable tackle store and they'll suggest a suitable option based on what your going to chase
  11. BCF have one under their inhouse Rogue brand, but there are a few based on the same design. They are a rectangular block with 3 different graded surfaces from course to smooth. More designed for keeping an edge rather than for creating one.
  12. I use a combination of an Accusharp sharpener and a small Ezy-Lap steel. I have heard good things about the block diamond sharpeners. Been on a few charters where the skippers swear by them for keeping an edge on knives when filleting.
  13. As part of an ongoing search for the ideal filleting knife for whiting, gar etc., I haven't been able to find a smaller flexible bladed knife with a rounded tip. So I have resorted to trolling the second hand shops and picked up a few of the old bone handled butter knives that are doing the job nicely. The ones I have are made of quality steel from Sheffield in England they sharpen up really well. With a bit of garden hose over the handle for extra grip, they set me back about $2 each.
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. Southie, I'm heading down a similar path but thinking hipster type (not trendy beards and boutique beer). Something with a built in boot. Fly N Dry in Tassie do one, bit expensive but would be a good option for a long session with lots of walking. One wave over the top of thigh length waders and its game over, back to the car and down to the pub, though not a bad back up plan! Keep the suggestions coming, there's sure to be an ideal setup someone's using.
  15. Looking at a long overdue upgrade of the old Horne waders to something lighter, more breathable and comfortable to hit the beaches this winter chasing salmon on lures. I'm thinking neoprene waist high pants and water proof boots with mobility in mind and interested to hear what you are using that keeps you dry and warm and doesn't feel like your in a sack race at a school sports carnival.
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