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  1. Yes they do go off. Even the ones in the tub.
  2. Nikhum

    what braid

    Cheap reels deserve cheap braid.. Sealion is good for the money I've used it before as well. At least it breaks at its rating so you can be confident about that. You wouldn't put Sealion on your Saltigas and Stellas hey. So it's all relative
  3. Wow thats a steal and a half! Great rods for the price I have the 4-7kg soft plastic Snapper and love it.
  4. Funny but not as funny as that 90 etec on the back... Really it's underpowered for that hull.
  5. Yeah no problem there! Should be more worried about the big GT's and Tunas that this rod was designed for haha. I Absolutely love demon blood rods they have served me very well. Goodluck at Xmas Island man hope you get to tame some big ones with it.
  6. Hey Adam how are you. I know someone who had one of those and wasn't that impressed. For the money coulda asked around for a used Saltiga 60B. Now THAT is the rod to get. Absolute best rod ever made I just love it to death for snaps offshore with big baits.
  7. Yes Important to put that braid on tight... It will act like a barrier to not let water penetrate deeper down the spool..(also make sure you apply light grease all around the spool before spooling)
  8. Kelvin you are a good a chef as you are a fisherman! Oh and you forgot the msg!
  9. Nice looking reels for sure.. Those drilled slots on the spool remind me of my Z series Saltigas. Anyway bring on the Tuna, sharks n rays! Thanks: did it take 300m of the 90lb you bought? Hope you fellas get that line lay sorted
  10. Dayum man 65lb is all you need even for tuna around here.
  11. I still rekon my Z6000 is the best haha. But check this out.. You're either with Magseal or Stella's seals, it doesn't really matter now. Check out Reelspa's facebook page. You will see so many magsealed reels not doing what its suppose to do and many Stellas not keeping water out like advertised. Rinsing the reel thoroughly it seems is key.
  12. $300 not cheap though but doubles as a snaps rod too
  13. Hang on wait..check out the Saltist Bay Rubber at RA's. I have one for whiting/snaps. Absolute crazy rod its like a whiting stick but man has it got some balls for such a thin blank. I use it for snapper off my boat as well.
  14. Nikhum

    New gear

    Whats a lunkerhunter never heard of it.