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  1. They once were a commercial item, don’t know if their still available
  2. Yorky

    Knot help please

    I'm usually using the FG knot, If I need the knot to go through the guides it's always the FG knot if it doesn't need to go through the guides I will sometimes use the double uni. I'm using braid pretty much for all my fishing these days & when I'm fishing from the beach/surf & hefting out lures or big baits I tie a leader long enough to go onto the spool that way it's mono on the finger & not braid when casting, this requires the FG knot as it has to go past the bail roller Yorky
  3. Yorky

    Snelled Ganged Hooks

    @Rybak That is the same way I tie mine, quick, easy & haven't had a failure Cheers Yorky
  4. Yorky

    Wind Knots

    Agree The only time I don't use a swivel is casting light lures i:e; Yellowfin lures, with these I use a small clip without swivel but if I am changing over to bait fishing I have a swivel on my rig that I attach the small clip to, that way I can switch between bait & lures without cutting or re-tying or having to worry about the bait spinning & creating line twist when retrieving. Other than this I will not fish without a swivel somewhere in my line. I use the swivel to prevent line twist as I find it easier to not get the twist than to try & get the twist out. W
  5. @Des That is a great write up. Couldn't agree more, The technical specs/parameters you have stated on what people should be looking at when purchasing gear are spot on and pretty much what I say on a near daily basis over summer, I can talk it all day but I don't think I could have put it in writing as well as you have. Great contribution Cheers Yorky
  6. I use Sunline FC Rock fluorocarbon as a leader from 6lb to 30lb & don't have any problems with knots, one thing with tying knots in fluoro is to make sure that your knots are well lubricated before tightening so that the line slides easily in the knot, any friction in the knot will weaken the line & make an ugly knot. I have a customer that often gets me to tie an FG knot to join his 6lb braid to a 6lb fluoro leader for his YF Whiting lure fishing, I can understand why the fish find it hard to see , I need bloody good light to see it
  7. Yorky

    Reel sizes

    Not sure, possibly TD Black Sugapop 782ULFS 1.5-4kg
  8. Yorky

    Reel sizes

    don't know why the pictures won't work above so here they are These are the new Daiwa 2021 Caldia LT MQ's
  9. Yorky

    Reel sizes

    Nope, this one. Daiwa 2021 Caldia MQ04776EAA-826C-463A-B64E-8E3F7EB37DB8.webp 3B15EC04-3BE9-43FB-9D38-3155E5CEB95F.webp
  10. Yorky

    Reel sizes

    We're currently waiting for the 2021 Caldia LT's to show up, they've been on order for a while, think it's this month they should get here. I've been toying with the idea of the 1000 Caldia as an upgrade to my Yellowfin luring outfit but then that would mean I'd have to get a new rod as well new rod & reel, angry wife , peace & quiet after initial explosion, could be a done deal Yorky
  11. See the youtube link below from Yamashita regarding Squid jig rattle. The video is in Japanese but has subtitles. Most of my jigs are Yamashita's as I like the quality & the technology that goes into the build. I mainly use the rattle jigs when I first get to a spot for a short period then switch over to a non rattle jig unless the water is dirty then I will use the rattle jig pretty much for the session, I'm also a fan of their warm jacket technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvOVuu_-nZ4 Yorky
  12. Give the man a cigar . We hear a lot of comments from people in the shop regarding the best scents be it gels or sprays & which one is best. We don't have one in the shop that someone doesn't buy because according to someone they all work. People have their favourites and a lot of these people are buying it to fish the same areas for the same species but one will tell you a certain scent doesn't work and the next person will tell you that that scent is the only one that works. From what I hear from a lot of different people is that they all work just not for everyone. The o
  13. @Meppstas, Love your photo's and your reports, you are definitely fishing in some beautiful county Cheers Yorky
  14. Hoarders can keep their damn Toilet paper, I’ve got the ASSblaster 3000
  15. I have found that when tying Fluoro the knot needs to be well & truley lubricated (spit) before pulling it up tight to increase the knot strength. If you tie a knot without/with little lube & pull it tight watch what happens to the fluoro at the base of the knot just as it gets tight & you can watch the damage happen. Since I've started really slobbering on my fluoro knots if had next to no failures Yorky
  16. Always enjoy watching your video's, Thanks for sharing Yorky
  17. it's a pity I can't put more than one like on that comment, BIG thumbs up from me
  18. Not necessarily the cowards way, maybe the smart way. I don't do a lot of jetty fishing because I don't have the patience, and I don't meant patience for fishing, I mean patience for some of the morons that you see up there. If you are going to approach these thieving bastards in an effort to educate just be careful, I have heard stories from quite a few that have spoken to people doing the wrong thing and they have copped abuse, been threatened (one was told they will go looking for his family), knife pulled, full blown arguments. If you approach them and are told to F*** off you
  19. It was clear, I was pretty much just backing what you said. I always correct people when they come in the shop blaming one particular race
  20. @vogon I do not know the answer, but it frustrates the hell out of me. I do know that there are those that do not know the rules & are surprised when told that what they are doing is illegal. There are those that do not know the rules but don't care to know them. and There are those that know the rules but don't care to follow them. In the shop we are constantly talking to people about fish bag & size limits as well as safety equipment rules laws and it is very disheartening when you get replies like "they've got to catch you" or "I don't do it very often" or "that'
  21. 100% agree with what Projoe said, also when tying knots in Fluro make sure you get the knot good & wet/lubed before pulling it up tight & make sure the knot is pulled up properly/tight as I have found if it's not both of the above you will get burn off with your knot Yorky
  22. The link below is how I learnt to tie the FG & is how I am still tying it now, be it in the shed, standing in the water or in a rocking boat. only need to tighten it down after every set of wraps http://youtube.com/watch?v=yk7uWUa4z6Y Cheers Yorky
  23. FG knot, I’m pretty much 100% braid & use a leader on everything from 6lb to 150lb. I find the FG to be the smallest knot & you don’t hear it clicking through your guides which means it’s not catching on them & risking damage to them or impacting on your casts especially on very light gear. It simply gives you a smooth flowing cast Cheers Yorky
  24. @nicksfishin666 Squidgy flick baits are only available in the Bio-tough range unless someone is holding stock of the old model, they have been discontinued in the other ranges so a lot of favourites are now gone Cheers Yorky
  25. These are the fastach clips I use, they are available with or without swivel I use the ones without a swivel to lessen the added weight even when I have removed the split ring. Notice they are rounded where the lure attaches which allows the lure to move freely. They are available in 5 sizes from 15 - 100lb, I use all sizes depending what lure I'm using for what species, I have used the 100lb when trolling for Tuna with no loss of action to the lure
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