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  1. I use barracoota heads very oily and very hard for crabs too destroy.Last trip out last week was getting up too 4 blueys per net.Nice feed and the best snapper burley ive ever used is cooked crab shells.
  2. :: Would not need too put who on here mate.The word would get around anyway.All good things come too thoughs who wait.And if you do the wrong thing by someone either KARMA will get you or the person you sh@t on will.You would proberly want Karma too get you i would think.:whistle: :whistle:
  4. When i freeze whole snapper i leave scales on and seal compleaty.So no part of fish is exposed to freezer cold air as it will suck moisture out of fish.Plus the less air in with the fish the longer you can keep in freezer.
  5. I will grab a couple when i come in at end of week
  6. proberly dosent have boat license.otherwise he would know your not allowd within 50 meters of a jetty.
  7. I dont think he can if he is recreational fishing.But i have heard years ago a pro netter can keep under size fish caught in nets. As fish caught in netts survival rate is very low.I dont know if this is true or not.
  8. It is possiable mate a guy at my work caught a few over 50cm last year north of adelaide.
  9. Car licenece,Rego,Fine Revenue,Fuel Tax.ROADS ARE STILL CRAP.Country roads are the worst.Im sure the money will benifit someone but doubt it will be us.
  10. Top pick mate i have some pics of wallaroo sunsets myself.Will find them and put them up.:drink:
  11. Try cutting one of your fingers with a knife or cutters.That would not hurt much now would it.If your not eating it put it back unharmed.
  12. coonta kinta wrote: Gotta be a member of the Lutheran fellowship to be president of the club. So reckon there is more to the GGAF, than would initailly meet the eye.Geez their outtings must be a barrel of fun Lord bless these fish for which we are about to catch, may our kreels be filled like the 5000 bellies before us. Oh & never mind the bread, but some wine would be nice. Amen That just cracked me up.I couldnt stop laughing for about 5mins.