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  1. I thought I'd make a little post coz I havnt in a while! I havnt fished nearly as much as I'd like to lately because of work and everything else etc! Been down the onk a few times which resulted in a few flattys one small n one decent size! Got on the snapper once and got to go to salt creek once through winter that seen 100s of salmon and one half decent schoolie in the mix! Here's a few pics
  2. Cheers yeah that's a blue! Haha Pauly u fish hard enough it's only a matter of time before u get one!
  3. Haha unfortunately not caught 2 in the first night we were there but coz we planned to stay for 3 days they went back!
  4. Here's a few of the sharks I caught this season. Enjoy
  5. Few of many traces excuse the one that's a bit chewed up lol haha I heat shrink all between the hooks cheers!
  6. Yeah just neatens up all the joins n I notice it helps stop rust of your wire which can help get better use out of the trace and stops them detecting the wire! It does look neat as well not that that matters haha as abarbz said! It's just preference really the whole bottom between my 2 hooks is covered with heat shrink! Cheers
  7. I use heat shrink at all my joins and always use nylon coated wire! Don't coat the hooks with anything tho! Cheers
  8. Yeah it was hectic haha yeah nice mate!
  9. Nice one rod we only missed em once and that was pre season and blowing 25knot se with a big swell was a rocky day haha then we didn't miss em after that! Such good fun tuna one of my favourite fish! We lost a few good ones on a blind troll! They would of both been over 30kg
  10. Hey baitwaster the biggest I got was 22kg but my mate who's boat we fished from his biggest was 25kg! And yeah I noticed plenty of people running through the schools so we tried just finding schools to ourselves which wasn't hard because there were 100s out there! Yeah it shouldn't be to long till they start to turn up should be a good season again! Cheers guys
  11. My reels tiagra 50w n 30w on sabre 670h n 670 or status game rods
  12. Nice tstav they should start to turn up in numbers real soon