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    Caribbean resoration

    pics from the day I ppurchased my old 60's Caribbean Lexington to present
  2. hahaha nice one mate Hopefully i see ya friday night!working on it mate fingers xxxed trying to off load kids :dry: :dry:
  3. got the fly hooked in your arse ha haha ah aha ha ah sorry well done fella any fish on a fly out fit is a good one cheers 4THA
  4. finally got around to purchasing myself a cooker and she's a beauty 40ltr pot with basket and basket puller ( fits a good 15-20 @ a time) has a proper companion outdoor jet burner with regulator and boils in no time Ice slurry definitely one of my better purchases lately nom nom nom cheers 4THA
  5. nice going Alex what were they caught on mate bait or lure ?any video always enjoy watching your lil sessions only 4cm off keep at it bud cheers 4THA
  6. maybe wack up the cost to help out anyone that maybe interested mate cheers 4THA
  7. nice report Clark I love taking my boy out, can get frustrating at times but when the fish are on the chew you cant beat it cheers 4THA
  8. here is a couple of links to ones that have been made by members the second cart is mine which now has a piece of conduit and 2 ball floats as the wheels which help stabilise it out in tha drink southie's golf style http://www.strikehook.com/forum/35-bait-tackle/127653-fishing-caddy-cart?start=15#128089my floating tub style http://www.strikehook.com/forum/27-boat-fishing/140907-my-yfw-ship?limitstart=0cheers 4THA
  9. can you add Barometric pressure ?? and or predictive good fishing times like some of the other Apps my mates have ?cheers again 4THA
  10. im not a massive user of apps on my phone, to much other rubbish pops up an I don't understand all the using data jargon so I just don't bother with them but this one I like cos it can be used without using data congrats I like it cheers 4THA
  11. great spot the old Rogues point my Auntie and Uncle live there, love the place my p.b is from the same beach @ 48cm and you do get legal kg's there as well, same day I got my p.b I had a bronzie take a Y/Fin off my line right at my feet, first time I walked on water I reckon, i shat myself Kevin from compleat Angler @ Moonta said there has been quite a few being caught off the beach this season top effort well done cheers 4THA
  12. good move makes for safer boating coming in at night not having to worry about avoiding buoys we run 1 over on the way back from a trip out In tha middle didn't like the prop too much :dry: :dry: hopefully the fisheries are still patrolling the beaches after the last few big hauls of Illegal taking of them cheers 4THA
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