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  1. was there exactly the same time as you bluey didnt catch anything thing around woolbay' date=' pt giles but got a couple of decent leather jackets at stenhouse :S couldnt even hook on to anything big down there... :(hopefully things start to clear up soon[/quote']Any sign of squid at Wooly or are they hiding as well ???
  2. 20 1/4" (about 51-52cm) when fishing the hot water at the power station 39-40 years ago on a freshly pumper tubie. Nearly lost it-went like a steam train and I thought i had a mully and was waiting for it to ease up before the second run lol Released it as Dad always told us to let the big rare buggers go as theyre the breeders and so anything over 15-16" (approx 45cm) was released
  3. No Worries-dont forget kids under 15 get in free-makes for a great family day out :evil:
  4. theyre all yours;) - ive sent u a pm with address etc
  5. Have 2 tickets to the Adelaide Boat show which is on from June 23 - 26 at Adelaide Showground. If you dont mind picking them up from my house at Salisbury Downs PM me to arrange to do so
  6. spog777

    Gladiator Rods:

    Never even heard of them. Glad u asked the question as now i get a chance to read up and increase my knowledge base
  7. bugga!! not my birthday 'til August. Stuff it i'll have a go anyway
  8. looks like a silver perch thats had the crap kicked out of it
  9. Better make sure they tell you what type of reel etc. eg-If its and alvey theyre describing everyone may be thinking egg beater and wondering why anyone would say "wipe it out, bitta grease then dont worry about it' lol
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    thanks for all the help and encouragement-great appreciated
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    Well ive done it-ive bought some braid. I bet all you braid specialists are hitting your foreheads and thinking oh no another beginner with dreams of grandeur and full fish bucket :whistle: Youre also thinking what brand, weight etc. With shallow pockets i forked out for 300m of Sea Lion 10lb (dia 0.07) - probably not one of the better professional ones but a blokes gotta start somewhere :c So this month i'm having a go with it down yorke's way and will let everyone know how it did/didnt go :dry: Now all i have to do is get the bloody stuff onto my reel (yep i'll use mono filler) as tight as possible-interesting to see how i go as help is non existant :ohmy: but perseverence is one of my few attributes-or was that pig-headedness?? As i said earlier this month ive never caught a bloody thing on squidgies etc so this is my next step as im determined to make a go of this fishing genre.
  12. wow the tide must be moving in on the finish time for the competition as the waters white with frenzied fishing folk bustling for a position within the squidgie stakes :evil:
  13. rattle lures are a good option. I only fish where i can score light on the water from jetties or a nice full moon. My first mully was a night catch using a simple brass lure at torrens island