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  1. Good post bloke how very true
  2. That’s must be the same spot as mine David C , different tides , moons seasons means different fish , crazy ay Wadey
  3. My thoughts I just thought I’d ask the question to see the response . Ps : Snapper shortage , I have not missed since they released the new ban back at the start of September . All sizes . Cheers .
  4. Guys I have a question in relation to the new ban coming in to act on the 1st Nov 2019 . The media release from Pirsa states that targeting snapper is prohibited from the first . This could attract a $315 on the spot fine. How does this scenario work then ! I have have drops that hold other species other than the good old Snapper . Species such as Kings , Mullies and Gummy sharks most of the year . These species use the same type of gear , same big tackle same big baits and fished morning , during the day and nights . All the same times as Snapper . If I’m sitting on these drops would I be classed as targeting Snapper . ? Any one know how how this would work ? Cheers Wadey
  5. Nice looking fish there guys . Correct me if I’m wrong but Redfin are a pest aren’t they and can’t be returned to the water ? Im assuming you catch them to eat ? What do they taste like ? Just curious Good work any way guys
  6. Cheers guys next time I’m down town will have a sus at all them guys Cheers
  7. Cheers guys as for Sa Bait Supplies , do they sell to the general public ? I thought they were just wholesale and sell to commercial operators or bait shops ? Ill give Steve at Spot On Salisbury a try cheers guys top work
  8. Ay guys Anyone know where I can buy a box of frozen Saruy’s / Saruies from . I believe they are available in a 10 kg block . I’ve found the small bags but I would like to buy in bulk . Cheers Wadey
  9. Any body done a diy soft top to hard top. Conversion
  10. Ay mate I suggest ya just go and buy a good set of rocket launchers from a boat supplier ( 316 stainless steel ) which makes the rear of your canopy , from there a good upholster should be able to finish the rest . There is one over here at Napperby the only problem is he is a bit slow .
  11. at this stage its a good call , only due to the extra ban on the broughton spots
  12. So mate what ya going to do , berley spot x or not
  13. excellent review mate , actually put shivers down my spine
  14. top work mate good to see your spending some quality time down the jetty with ya bro .
  15. Wadey

    t shirts

    I would definitely go a Tournament Shirt, think I said it before , definitely would like to see that old Fish symbol with the hook and I would proudly wear all the site sponsors on it as well. Lets promote them as much as possible as well as this site. The post from Callophunter looks pretty good ( www.bigfishgraphics.com.au/tournament.html )As for the price we can only get a quote as the more orders taken the cheaper when dealing with printing shirts . The site is a free site to use and the amount of info that you can get from Strike Hook is massive , if people don't know the answer on the site its probably not worth knowing so why not back the site and pay a bit of money to promote all the good work done by the founders of the site . Bring back the Old Strike Hook symbol !!!!!!!!!Just my opinion . Cheers