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  1. Good fish. Top Pic. Well done Tako :cheer: :cheer:
  2. Woo Hoo. Thanks Shane Murton & Wild Coast Magazine as well as Aarron and Strike Hook for running the monthly comps.Congrats to you as well Chuck. That is one quality flathead Your other half caught and a quality pic too.Just as well Ive been working all week and havent had a chance to buy the mag yet. Now its delivered :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: Bit of a correction on your comment FushLups Great prize!...Awesome prize
  3. Ok. Thanx for all the responses guys. Very helpful. Think I ll stick to using a finger to flick the bail arm over and avoid excess stress on the reel.CheersVb4me
  4. Ah rig bags. Good one shaggin.I use a 2 dollar shop cd case that holds 24 cds or in this case fishing rigs. And no it wasnt 2 dollars
  5. Have a ball AFF. I know ya will 4am you say.............. I'll give ya a ring to make sure ya up. I know I will be......Gettin ready for work
  6. Hey mate I tend to think that the tackle bags with trays are the way to go. Once you work out a system you can either take all your gear or just the gear for what you might specifically be targetting. I have a plano guide series bag cant remember model number but it came with 4 3750 boxes. It is excellent, keeps me well organised on the boat. I also use a small plano bag I got years ago which I tend to take with me when rock fishing. It did come with 4 or 5 trays but I have bought other stuff to suit. Also a 3 tray box which holds all the non essentials and replacement stock of hooks and swivels and various leaders.There are some great bags around and back packs are available but if you cant get one for the budget you have or whatever then you could always buy a normal backpack and some tackle trays to suit.
  7. The one you seek statesquidder could be the daiwa seajigger. It is very similar to a rod I want to build for the same style of fishing that you are talking about. There is 20 bucks difference between this off the shelf rod and a blank that I was recommended which is a excel compostites salmon heavy. Although the seajigger is more the line class I was thinking of.http://www.therodworks.com.au/130-Surf-Spin-and-Cast/Excel-Composites-FibreForce-Fusion-Surf-Spin/Cast-Salmon-Heavy.htmlThe sea jiggerhttp://www.daiwafishing.com.au/daiwa.cfm?page=rods&rods=surfrock&product=seajigger
  8. I usually use from a 5/0 to an 8/0 myself but cant hurt to experiment a bit Yeah Nev will love this one. If it comes outta the water and aint a snapper then its bait
  9. Well done chuckemback. Looks like a the new summertime bait for snapper That is if I can stop myself eating the blueys first
  10. That is a top looking anchor. Great idea
  11. rollcast wrote: Ive had a Martini for about 16 years, but being young and not very well versed in all things fishing used it as a general purpose knife. It has lost its point and the blade is a bit wavy but it stays bloody sharp and cuts a damn fine fillet still although I resorted to the JW's last time I filleted as I seem to have misplaced the martini
  12. afishyfish wrote: Yeah give me the finger too. Ya rude buggers
  13. disturbed1 wrote: Humf wrote: Hmmm. Ok so still a bit undecided but I have done it on the cheapies and it works but sorta feels a little rough. My daiwa exceler will click over easily but if the spool or bail arm is in the wrong position it feels like it doesnt wanna go but a bit more force and it will. If they are designed to do that fair enough but if they are not then............ I can see the advantage in clicking over with winding but will that fraction of a second hesitation make that much difference??? Used the exceler today and used both methods but until I have a definite answer I might just flick the bail arm with my fingers just to look after my gear a bit more.. Cheers guys
  14. Dont know whether this sounds silly or not but after casting with a spin reel does everyone flick the bail arm manually with their hand/finger or just start turning the handle so the bail arm clicks over on its own. Does the latter method damage or prematurely wear the reel at all?? I have seen both techniques used on fishing shows and as I have only owned spin reels for a short time compared to my alvey I am wondering the best method to use to look after my spinners .Cheers Vb4me
  15. kobusmostert wrote: Mate they make excellent bait or they can be prepared for a delicious meal. They are slightly sweeter than calamari and need just as much care in cooking otherwise they can end up as tough as tyres Plenty of recipes on the net for them.Like your fishing ethics though, if unsure release it.