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  1. Tony I may have some in my old tying kit , downside it is up @ my shack @ SR. If I go up tonight I will retreive the kit and happly hand over too you. Pete
  2. Now I have not done this for a while & reading the "dry Rabbit roast" post made me thnk of it :woohoo: Get yourself a nice young lamb & setup ready to spit roast- Charcoal lots off. Settle down you Kiwis :silly: Ingredients:1 x lamb as above1 x or more 3/4 size bunnieslarge potatoeslarge onionscarrotspack of bacon.1 x egg per bunnie for seasoning mixbreadcrumbsMake up seasoning and stuff the rabbit/s include bacon to prevent drying out.Peel potatoes & cut to size or leave whole & onions leave whole. Sew up bunnies to prevent seasoning coming out.Now here is the fun part put all the spuds, onions & Bunnies in the chest cavity of the lamb and again sew up or skewer to stop this all coming out. Place over pre prepared charcoal/coals & cook for 6-9 hours or until you can't wait any longer or it is cooked.Remove & carve up & serve up lamb leaving Bunnies until last with vegies. This will be the best spit meal you have ever had the bunnies will be tender as hell due to the extra slow cook. :woohoo: This will feed a few so invite family & friends & blow them all away.As for roast bunnies always use seasoning containing bacon and they will never be dry, camp oven is the best to seal in the juices. I must do this again soon.
  3. Need help I have been searching for a life like frog lure as seen @ the boat show. They have a great action when worked.Any help appreciated
  4. Having never used these lures can somone make a suggestion for Callop/Cod & where to source/ Cost?