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  1. congratulations to the winners and all those who actually put in there footy tips!! went pretty good considering i only put in my first round then didnt see my name on the list so i didnt bother, oh well next year aye
  2. lol! i am in the tips, i havnt tipped since round 1 and didnt see my name on the board so i figured i wasnt in it...... Meh! might as well just keep winging it, lol
  3. Last time i was up there i was told of snapper around the rocks at cape elizabeth as well as big flattys
  4. For those who are interested lumb is at 35 08 881, 138 26 530 cheers
  5. Sorry aaron your actually 38th, chuck seems to have missed one competitor
  6. look i just seen a measurement that simply has to be wrong, just think about it its frikn obvious, the tube might be 60 point whatever, which means the total length would have to be 1.5 meters or so. and what decent fish have i caught not on a charter............farken plenty mateyeah probly paying money to catch sambos is one thing as u need a big boat etc,etc....... but catching fish on your on boat doin the hard yards and work is worth more than someone else doin the work for you anytime.like i said basher nice squid pity bout the measurement thing
  7. thats a monster jaffa :woohoo: , look at the girth on it........huge
  8. @bream_basher, not saying your squid isnt 105cm obviously from the photo u can tell its around the meter mark. the 63 tube doesnt fit mate, sounds like the measurment included the head. ive got the photos of the 98 cm squid with 38 cm tube nice healthy proportioned squid. yours is what 7cm larger and yet the tube is 25 cm bigger......funny looking squid!What the hells ya sambo got to do with it, anyone can jump on a charter and catch a fish, lol no kudos points for that! @ DEL nice del, that 52 woulda been a cracka, mate of mine fishes the victor area and gets a few over 50 every year, monsters
  9. That is a nice squid , funny though my squid was just under a metre not fully stretched, sure if i stretched it i coulda got 5-10cms . but the tube was only 38cm...........your tube was 63.2 i think ya squids way outa proportion champ, think about it. my squid was only 5-6cms smaller and your tube was 25.2 cms larger. science fiction more like it :lol:You could only get 63cm measurement if u included the head and small tenticles thats not a tube measurement fella :silly:. theres no way a southern calamari of around a metre is gona have a tube of 63.2cms................good squid though, a tube of around 39-40 for 105cm squid would be on the mark, now if your squid was 1.5 meters then 63.2 tube would be plausable
  10. Good fish, bit easier gettn them that size there than the onky B)few 50s come from there each year. Read an article on the subject a few years back and they aged a 50cm fish by counting the growth rings on the ear bone thingy after cutting it in hal, around mid 30 years plus apparently
  11. Yeah this rumour has been around for years fellas, But you will find that if they bring in yearly renewal for boat licences it will be EVERYONE that has to renew every year not just people who have obtained after a certain date . Wish it where true though
  12. Thanks mwilson , have had mark before but dont have it anymore and yeah not very productive but might put some more time into the area
  13. Well there ya go cant get better than that, even if ya did have to pay for postage wouldnt be much ;D.
  14. shouldnt be too much for postage aye ;D