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  1. SC boatie

    Blue Crab Bait

    where do you get BC heads? i don't think i've seen them in a bait store before.
  2. SC boatie

    Blue Crab Bait

    Cocky! are you going to leave us any? don't you work?well i'll have to let you guys know how i go. i'll take out a few different bait including the cat food and tuna tins. and i'll keep the soap in one as a test.i thought about it and it should leave a nice slick through the water for miles with the bar of soap.and i thought the tuna oil would have helped as well, maybe it does i'm just in the wrong areaSunday arvo/ night will tell
  3. SC boatie

    Blue Crab Bait

    I've been trying for a while to find a stand out gun bait to use on our blue swimmers. squid head marinated with tuna oilwhiting carcasses and headssalmon in tuna oilreally trying to get a heavy slick running to draw them into the nets. I've heard more than a couple of occasions that river fisherpersons use green palmolive soap to bag out on shrimps and yabbies. has anyone used it on the blue crabs? if so what success rate? does anyone swear by any baits of their own?looking to try the soap in the next couple of days, what are you thoughts?
  4. SC boatie

    bronzie fuss

    Yep just heard it on 891. So confirm that one. didn't say anything about size of the shark
  5. SC boatie

    gps help

    I think i'm going to have to bite the bullet and pay for some lessons from a dealer. to sort this out, i struggle enough with fishing, i would at least like to be in the same ball park so i know what to look for in the way of structure etc.
  6. SC boatie

    gps help

    I've got the same problem on mine as well, and i've reset the factory settings as it was purchased 2nd hand.Mine is a garmin 550s 2years old. it works if i can locate the structure by arse and then mark it on the map. But i can't write in the Co ords and have the GPS take me to the spot. I'm 2 numbers out on the easterly 138 etc. I'm running on the Wgs 84 thingy as well.So i'm ususally running on the location stored up stairs. we both need some help