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  1. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    AussieDave, your "representation firmness" post well received. Just a couple of real-world pragmatic points; - In my (albeit rather limited) personal experience, the "just say no" approach is futile and, in fact, counterproductive. - "playing the game of politics" and an absolutist "not one step back, comrades" are, with respect, mutually exclusive concepts in a PIRSA office. Been there, I can assure you the latter is not an option, it is what it is. Maybe the new RFAC can somehow do better for some reason, who knows... but the "feedback and advice" duty statement [hmmm, a caveat indicator perhaps, even at this stage?] flagged by TPTB at this time does not fill me personally with much confidence in that regard. Those issues aside, RJ nailed another matter of relevance; Finally, seems we may be waiting a little while yet for any substantial outcomes - from the latest PIRSA "Fish Facts" advice; "Recreational fishing groups and the broader community will soon be engaged in consultation regarding the process of formation, structure and function of the new body." All rather wet cement. And to those, even altruistically, pushing for a "change" - careful what you wish for.
  2. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    Rotare touched on three things which seem to be under the radar for most people; 1. I have always cringed at the supposed argument of "get a feed of fish for the family" - it is a recreational pastime, not some form of subsistence necessity. 2. Likewise, the bleating about "not worth putting my boat in the water for X whiting or Y snapper" - it is a recreation, not an expense-neutral exercise let alone a defacto money-making venture. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy a $50K (or whatever) boat in the first place. And if cost per se is the main determinant in terms of "a feed of fish", much cheaper to go to a seafood outlet than do it from your own boat. 3. There is a difference between being "as firm as circumstances allow" and "absolutist-combative on principle" when it comes to representation. The latter, whilst all well and good in a sympathetic audience echo-chamber, is hardly an advisable approach to take (for the sake of professional image and credibility for a start) when dealing with the likes of government departments.... who are the ones who will make final determination regarding any rule changes in any case. To add another consideration to what Wahoo said - those who constantly push the theme of "what have RFSA done for us" would do well to keep in mind that, for instance, the RFSA rep at the much-derided Marine Parks "secret meeting" was in no small measure responsible for SA ending up with closer to 6% than 10% SZ content. But the nature of the beast is what it is - "wins" are relatively infrequent, at best the wolves are kept from the door for the most part. The new RFC (or is it RFAC now?) will have to put up with all the same stuff...
  3. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    "The Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council will provide feedback and advice to government on recreational fishing development issues and initiatives and big picture policy issues that impact the recreational fishing sector." http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/fishing/publications/fishfacts_e-newsletter/fish_facts_august_2018/new_ministers_recreational_fishing_advisory_council_for_south_australia
  4. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    Some might suggest such a release would probably not be the most politically savvy action at this juncture. Never mind. But this does add a little "hmmm" factor... Where does a "South Australian Recreational Fishing Advisory Council" ring a bell from? Seat/popcorn/watch... http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/fishing/publications/fishfacts_e-newsletter/fish_facts_august_2018/new_ministers_recreational_fishing_advisory_council_for_south_australia
  5. kon

    Where to live

    Work considerations aside - Tumby Bay could be worth a look if you are even remotely considering Eastern EP. Last drove through there a few years ago without taking a great deal of notice, but it certainly has got a LOT more "modern" than it was in the 80s! At a drive-through glance anyway. Worth a few street views if nothing else. Strokes for folks, but personally; Port Lincoln - has a bit of a "Geelong" feel to it for some reason Cowell - nice enough coastal town, but rather more shall we say "rustic" than Tumby Whyalla - has got really busy compared to 15-20 years ago Just FWIW - and based on a little personal experience and happenstance scuttlebut here and there, nobody don`t shoot me y`all...
  6. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    Ah, funding. Stand to be corrected, but... With the new government there has been no flagging to date of funding specifics for either the proposed Council, OR recreational fishing initiatives overall. The former not so much of an issue (assuming a pool of dedicated volunteer individuals), the latter gives some cause for concern. I can`t recall a dollar amount being mentioned pre/post election? Given all the information to date, one would be forgiven for thinking that the new Council representing the purported 277K will be comprised of circa 8 - 12 appointed and/or elected (somehow) individuals, primarily from 4 groups/organisations, meeting somewhere a few times a year, on their own time of course (albeit surely not at their own expense!?), with who-knows-what funds to play with for the betterment of recreational fishing in SA. (It is interesting to note that a RFL is concurrently being flagged, will that be the funding source for Council operating expenses?) Indications that the Council will be reporting direct to the Ministers office is certainly an improvement (on paper anyway, it will be interesting to see how that works in practice as a counterpoint to any PIRSA-driven imperatives), but that aside I don`t see too much more worth celebrating for now.
  7. kon

    Question about Tuna oil

    I think "imported to SA" crabs is the issue - lots of concern in recent times about White Spot. BUT having said that, something to note from the attached pdf; If catching your own prawn or crab bait in South Australia, use it only in the water from where it came. You could be fined if caught depositing species not native to the area you are fishing in. "not native to the area" meaning the immediate vicinity presumably? So stuff caught in GSV can`t subsequently be used for berley at Turton is the inference? They really are getting concerned about any possible spread vectors, it would appear. Fact_Sheet_-_White_Spot_Disease_information_for_recreational_fishing_-_Jan_2018_.pdf
  8. kon

    Question about Tuna oil

    Straight from the PIRSA website. For the purposes of this thread it seems a fish is not an animal. "If you're berleying, don't forget that there are rules around where and what you can use. You must not use any part of the body of an animal (other than a fish, worm or insect) as berley within 2 nautical miles of the mainland or any island or reef that is part of South Australia and exposed at the low water mark." http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/fishing/recreational_fishing#toc1
  9. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    From Tim Whetstone`s FB page, posted this afternoon, a little more info;
  10. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    An update arising from Tuesday night`s RFSA Forum, from Upper Spencer Gulf RFC Rep.
  11. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    Tim Whetstone (no longer the pre-election David Ridgway) is now the go-to person. Tim Whetstone is a busy man. https://www.facebook.com/TimWhetstoneMP/photos/pcb.1525638990833377/1525638944166715/?type=3 Tim Whetstone`s priority list of "things to do" may very well not have the implementation of a new RFC towards the top of the page. And, just maybe, Tim Whetstone is starting to realise what is involved in creating (essentially) a completely new representative body in terms of legislative, regulatory, administrative and departmental considerations, not to mention functionality handover including any ongoing projects and initiatives. If anything happens my guess is that it will take months, quite possibly into 2019. And a bag limit of one tuna seems to be more of a priority for the government at the moment...!
  12. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    Jay R Yup, first thing I noted when the policy was originally released. That, and bringing back the Fisheries Council of SA.
  13. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    I am still seeing "peak body" in two places on their FB page... ??
  14. kon

    End of RecFish SA?

    It would appear so from this press release? http://www.recfishcentral.com/web-content/press_release/rec_fishers.pdf
  15. Correct. But technically any dinner prep or refreshments on deck after sunset = lifejacket on. Even more ludicrously - a leak over the side in the wee hours [see what I did there? ] = lifejacket on. The original proposal put up for public consultation only had "under way" - some bureaucrat idiot, for whatever reason, sneaked in "at anchor" on top of that.