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  1. Have heard that the farmer who owns the private property (daly heads beach entrance) gets pretty wild about people cutting his fence, driving through his property and then have the nerve to ask for a tow because they've gotten them selves bogged. Have seen 4x4s down there, would be great if we could use the beach but like all 4x4 access areas someone leaves rubbish and destroys the area for eveyone
  2. Hi all, My tub has some flush stainless rod holders at the back but im considering installing some on the sides too, in the Gunwale or Gunnel..... ive got no idea what its called. The sides! I intend on sticking the 3 way stainless rod holders in the flush rod holders so my questions are, what degree/angle flush holder would be recommended for that area? And if using a 30 or 60 degree one what direction should i have it facing? To me this makes sense but unsure to you guys. Thanks.
  3. No Big Angry Fush? I assume all the shows on this are Aussie only. Looks good though just a pitty it doesn't have All4adventure on it
  4. Wow, bit of an eye opener! Not too sure what to do now.
  5. Fun-nor, excuse the auto correct! FIN-NOR!
  6. I'm a massive fan of the old discontinued Penn Affinity/Af spin reels. I own 1000, 3000 and a 4000 series reel and I'm after an other 1000. Unfortunately Penn have stopped producing these reels so I'm just wondering if their still actually being made but under a different brand of reel? Or is their a different brand equivalent? So far I have come up with the Fun-Nor Affinity and the Ryobi Zauber, the Zauber looks and sounds like the exact but with Ryobi printed on it and the Fun-Nor appears to be the same but different brand and color. Anyone have experienced with these reels? Cheers in advance for any feedback
  7. dmac


    I've been watching this thread like a hawk, really appreciate the info and reports everyones been posting up, think I may have to grab greasey E and head out on the next best opportunity and give this a crack, I'm a bit green on the boating scene so would be a great learning curve.
  8. dmac

    no fish..

    Maybe u have a little bad luck on ur side? I hear involvements with carrots can be bad luck..... have u had any involvements with carrots lately? Just sayin.
  9. Thanks Bitewell, Thanks for the advice. Its a shame that the funding was knocked back but i guess on the positive side its you cant have people with lowered commodores just rocking up willy nilly. ha ha. So cant use my car at all even on high tide? Can you launch using a 4x4 low tide? Ive been doing a fair bit of Googling and it seems you can only launch on high and come in on high but not confirmed. Thanks again
  10. thanks for ur reply, yeah thats what im thinkin.
  11. Hey all, Usually fish at Tickera via Wallaroo boat ramp but that was in a bigger mates boat. I have now since bought my own, 4.1m runabout, and thought itd be a little dangerous and a bit far for me to get to Tickera using the same method. Never launched from Tickera before and never been close enough to the ramp/beach to suss everything out. Just asking if someone could shed me some light on how, when, where is a safe place for me to launch from please. I drive a very practical for fishing lowered commodore and own a 4.1m Brooker runabout. If need be i can invite my mate that owns a 4x4 witch will make launching much easier. A lot like the coastline around there im assuming its very tidal dependent. Any feedback is muchly appreciated
  12. can ya catch any at Port Param or Thomson Beach?
  13. Hey all, Just seeing if anyone could shed some light on weather if you can catch live baits along the beaches around the Dublin area. I do a little yfw fishing from time to time but very interested in giving it a go with some good fresh live bait such as Clickers and worms. I want to head down today and buy my self a Yab Pump but dont want to waste my money if there's nothing down there. Any advise would be muchly appreciated. Thanks all