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  1. lester


    i've allways had hornes waders,green or black,for some reason the black ones crack if you wear them in a freezer..but otherwise no worries.
  2. a good mate of mine had become friends with a bikie type guy that had moved to port lincoln to open a gun shop,he wanted to catch a snapper..the three of us left the marina in a 50ft glass boat "jazzindie" headed for dangerous reef..sometime along the way he produced a bag of pistols..after many "you lookn at me" and peppering bottles we arrived.the guy whipped out a brand new game rod and big gold overhead reel,he had a massive tackle box with everything in it..he confided in us that he couldnt tie a knot.well we got him sorted and baited.snow brought the boat over for a nice drift,ready to drop..what ever his name is decided to cast,and before my eyes he proceeded to cast..but forgot to hang on to erm..any part of his rod..yeah..he threw it all in the piss..600 dollars worth he said..was sad n funny..mostly funny tho.
  3. lester


    Cheers mate..will have a crack in 33 days when i get my licence back.
  4. lester


    thanks mate..yeah i dont have a boat,just looking for some place to have a cast off rocks.
  5. lester


    Hello..hey guys..i havent been over Adelaide long..can anyone tell me where to go find a feed..?
  6. no way we will read about you in the paper..snorkel on..statistic wise anyways..personally,the only time i swim the west coas is when i fall in.
  7. take a mask n snorkle too..plenty of scollys..
  8. well..you could do the rite thing n take it out n start a man made reef..just tell ya mates the long n lats..plus pre burlying..the comunity will thank you.
  9. litely flour..shallow fry on a just cooking heat.put a lid on n half steamed half fryd..leave it as long as you can[yeah..sounds kinda crudd] but its marshmello.
  10. i know the pros. use razor fish meat as bait at streaky bay.
  11. Cweed..we used to trawl up big stingers while prawning up the gulf,quite a few have healed stumps,where they obviously been chopped.its a bad situation when you have a massive ray on your hopper,when all you want to do is get it, and any other fish back in the water alive.they were obviously stressen,and trying to stab us with their barbs..we would put our crab rakes on the tail and just grab and snap off how ever many barbs they had on them..no you dont need to cut the tail..if you snap them straight back they come off easy..and they will grow more.