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  1. cheers fellas was a good day meeting up with them not so good for fishing though but eh thats life sometimes . Would of been a bit nicer if they had of shown the other fish from the day but not a lot we can do about that now . MM
  2. cheers mate still the only bream ive caught down there so far . mm
  3. Finally got the pic of my breamskie off my phone so here's the product .mm
  4. No worries jimbo was a wicked day besides the weather factor . Mm
  5. hi fellas I went for a flick with fellow member snake as we regularly do , and I got lucky with a 43.5cm bream on plastics . I thought 8t was going to be another small mully but to my surprise landed the biggest bream I've caught so far with lures .ill post the pic up as soon as I figure out how to in my phone .
  6. I run a 13ft wilson live fibre trophy series 2 piece and shimano ultegra xtc 14000 for my surf rig and love it.
  7. cheers again mate was never something i expected thats for sure. MM
  8. cheers fellas and your right there too weaver guess it was just i got offered have never thought too ask anyone as most of the lure companies get hassled all the time for that sought of thing .But if you want the boys too plug some of yours aswell id be happy too do so all itll cost ya is a few spinners lol .MM
  9. if we are talking favourite lure for trouties i cany go past a popper or atomic k9 pup but then again im a bit of a top water addict just love seeing fish come up and smash your lure no matter how big it isnt lol .MM
  10. cheers fellas ,no worries too sambo im cant knock that mate id be representing an aussie company if i could but all in time as they say .Cheers too uhf i think we should do alright on some of their patterns aswell and will have the oppurtunity too help develop some for aussie waters aswell in the future.MM
  11. cheers TC .yeah krusty ive got the whale bone mate lol kids think i caught a bloody whale shark though for some reason .MM
  12. hi people just wanted too let you all know i was appointed too the pro staff team for the schadeycreek outdoors and lure company i also put forward a couple of other members for the same and so far southie the banga and myself have been approved with 1 other pending .Anyway getting too the point i shall soon have some of their spinners in my hot little hands for testing and sales. if you want too check some out just head over too www.schadeycreekoutdoors.com ill have more details as they come too light and possibley another sponsor for the site .MM
  13. thats it mate only 1 way too find out and do what we did and just take it on and see what happens .i cant wait too get back there i also found a whale bone washed up down there aswell . i was happy with good weather and finding that let alone the fishing that was too follow .Love the place though .MM
  14. cheers jagger its the first trip ive seen any decent fish caught down there besides jimbo's gummy last trip that he got second cast into the 3 days .Hope the weather holds out for ya mr willy we got lucky inbetween the storms last weekend glad we didnt go on the long weekend either but theres definatley fish there just gotta put in some miles too find them .As for you mr krusty rooney and i ran into your barra slaying mate this arvo get him all excited and ill happily come along . Not saying ill find anything like we did on the weekend but ive got alot more of an idea of what too look for down there now which sometimes helps if the fish are there that is .Cant wait too get a 4wd drive for the family only thing is i probabley wont see the family very much after that .MMp.s i was happy jut too break my drought at salt creek now how the hell am i going too top that .besides another 60lber