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  1. Tommie's can work well at times as can pilchard
  2. Down south , there's a few other blokes that have failed to get them this year also. I wonder if its possible they've moved on or bee. Fished out .
  3. Not even any holes to pump . It's really strange .
  4. I havnt been able to pull a single one from my usual spot this year , can't work it out cos I've got them there for years
  5. I go down to goolwa with my boys a few times during peak cockle season. We usually can get enough to supply us til the following year. If you cant get Goolwa cockles your better of using squid , imports are mushy stinky rubbish
  6. Adventure Bound and loved the old rex hunts fishing back when I was a tacker.
  7. hey mate , if your looking for a good value for money graphite rod you cant go past the rovex airstrikes. there around $60 and theres about 4 different classes. Ive caught big snapper on mine and a couple of my mates use them over higher quality gear.
  8. shimano? never heard of it :whistle: . Most of my reels are small med size spin. All daiwa. I have had no trouble with any of them . I feel you get what you pay for and my reels get well used and most of them are as smooth as the day they were first used.rods I also own majority daiwa rods. I can not go passed my 10-14lb sol rod for snapper.
  9. He stocks daiwa now from what i heard and apparently he is beating anyone elses prices. Last time I went in there it was all cheap junk that wasnt much less in price than buying something decent from my local tackle shop.
  10. When using circles I will use the next size hook up from what I would in an octopus hook.
  11. Gamakatsu, never failed me
  12. I run a daiwa 2000 exceller for my whiting tommies and squid , great reel and I reckon there round $150
  13. my wifes grandad had a long bamboo pole he used to use in the onka for mullet back in the day. same deal just tied line to the end with a single hook