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  1. I dont mind sharing wishing2Bfishing, got the book around here somewhere PM me when your ready to chat.
  2. I've done his course a few years ago now. There is no rocket science to it and nothing you probably don't all ready know. You just need to piece it together
  3. Thanks UHFI actually looked at these rods today when I was killing time
  4. Cheers lads.Im hoping it just a fault in the plank. I was going to get the same setup for the Mrs, but its put me in 2 minds what to do.
  5. hello fellow hookers,I recently decided I needed a new snapper come winter whiting combo, where I finally went for a wilson texalium live fibre 4-10kg with a shimano stradic CI4 4000 with 20lb power pro braid and I set the drag at 4kg. Anyway last saturday we headed to the steamer channel out off hughes, when we got to our first mark it looked promising and where straight onto the snapper. I had landed couple of fish in the first 2 drifts, both in the 80+cm mark. On the 3rd drift I was straight onto another good fish when snap, my new rod snapped just above the bottom eye. managed to get the fish to mid water before spitting the hook. What i wanted to know was has anyone had a similar problem with the wilson live fibre rods before. I have since returned the rod and i have been told wilson will replace the rod, but my concern is will it happen again.
  6. while your ordering, grab some size 4 line guard. Use it for your hook spacing I found it the easiest way.
  7. Started to get the Tuna bug myself after going on a charter off Marion Bay earlier this year.Moggy23 put me onto www.wellsystackle.com for all my skirts. I ordered online and my stuff was delivered to my door within 2 days.As for colour I went for the pinks, greens and the purples along with a few xrap 20's. But will stock up on some metal chromies before the start of next season.Im only new to tuna fishing but cant wait til next seasonforce
  8. Yep had a Greek bloke at work, he marinates lamb chops with nostimini and lemon juice and left for a day. Then cooked over a charcoal grill.Never tried it with fish but will definitely try it.
  9. Good idea rockdog87 Ill give that a go.