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  1. Thought YFW preferred colder water?
  2. I'm going to erect a statue on port Wakefield road of snipers in a camouflaged tower and caption it 'Environmental Observer'
  3. This is bullshit! So unfair on people like us who want to catch and release or maybe have a fresh feed. The government are a bunch of assholes
  4. Great stuff des.... Land based?
  5. I like to use iqf pillies... Bound with black cotton for better casting and lasting
  6. bent87

    live bait

    Would be a great idea to pull off. It's pretty hard keeping them live at the best of times.... Plenty of DD batteries
  7. Now you're talking my language- looks like it would go well with an icy, easy drinking beer like Coopers clear, or even a sneaky sav blanc from New Zealand, with plenty of passion fruit undertone to bring out those flavours. Will give it a burl. Peace
  8. That's interesting tony- does that mean a chunk of meat on a large hook for shark is acceptable (day light hours only of course) peace.
  9. Looks like a top site, and a quantum leap forward into the next level
  10. I'm looking forward to flicking plastics and unweighted cockle baits and live tube worms into the deeper pockets, and hopefully returning from the waist deep water with a bulging shoulder bag.
  11. I have 33 combos myself, they're mostly thrashed and unsalable unfortunately
  12. Not selling any rods this week tone?
  13. Nothing beats a fresh tommy fillet 'sandwich' bait for snapper in my opinion. I reckon it's a solid mulloway livie, almost up there with salmon trout, mullet and gar.