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  1. put em through a sausage blender then make fritters
  2. whole squid (frozen) ,salmon,bonito, snook, mackerel, ray
  3. spent a all nighter there few yr's back.. from what I remember it runs pretty hard through there on high tide and deep.. you can pretty much see from the ledge where to cast , got a few snags there to so take a few heavy sinkers
  4. 1 payed us a visit last night, we didn't hang around..
  5. nice 1 alex, cfr & I hooked up last week doing a spot of trawling around the blocksplenty out there
  6. made a shit load of berley bloks, ready for them snappers
  7. http://www.fishin.com.au/Bassday-Sugar-Pen-70F.asp
  8. I bought a spool of berkley trilene 50lb mono, a mate showed me how easy it snapped.. rubbish mate
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