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  1. hi stuart i would like to see a beach surf rod 12 -14 foot teloscopic and lockable in any length required also made to use over head with rollers so all in all it would be a multi-function travel rod .
  2. hi im thinking that you should try lord blackbilly he may have one
  3. i get my mussells from geps cross market always fresh and still live i steam them in wine chilli and garlic
  4. I have smoked squid many times in my smoker which is an urn converted togas with 4 racks inside last time it was really tender Ialso smoked up a kilo of maranara mix when i was short of fish that is very tasty as it has mussells prawns fish and squid after its smoked tossed it in bowl with salt and lemon yummmmm oh i use apple and hichory chips
  5. has anyone been to dam lately as im wondering whats been caught there as in redfin yabbies
  6. oh ok i didnd know ther owned the whole river lol can you get permission from them to fish or they to selfish to let us lol
  7. oh i was way up past sa water there was no signs anywhere i thought it was only areas fenced off or signed that you couldnt fish
  8. went up the gorge yesterday after several stops found a really nice pond full of trout tryed every thing to attract there attention but still had no hook up they were only interested in the dragon flys it was good to watch them leap out the water after them
  9. went up the dam today no luck with redfin or calapp but got a real nice looking tench in there was a bit suprized it was 1.4 kg
  10. can you fish at wynnvale dam and what are you likely to catch
  11. is wynnvale dam ok to fish do you know if its open to fishing and what time is best to go there
  12. ok thanks guys i guees they are not aall the same as those that were there that time some do care
  13. yeah i would have done it for themm coz they next years fish
  14. they sead they dont have time for releasing i think they just dont care enough about there job