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  1. "bratko" is onto it! that being said my fav. 3rd is the yo zuri red head white body, 2nd yo zuri green body with a yellow belly stripe, then no. 1 Yamashita pilchard colour. I always like to pay a little for the jags as i think they swim a bit better, i always reckon people don't value their time much, if you are going to spend the time to go fishing buy yourself a half decent jag....
  2. yo are onto it Brutus, good luck. here is a cray producing piece of bottom, remember you don't need crazy big ledges.
  3. pstar

    Moon phases

    Some good comments there! I fish Pt Vic, and my fishlog database will show New Moon is better than Full moon. New moon in the SE the crays tend to crawl better. And Snapper fishing off of Cape Jervis i find a few days either side of a dodge most productive (slower drift), so it is a bit horses for courses. tides 4 fishing is a great site. I also worked out a few years ago to try and plan fortnightly (new and full moon) trips as opposed to 3 weekly.....
  4. I run "Insight Planner", is a bit of a PIA! (Pain In Ar**) but does display nicely. another local product is Reefmaster, I haven't used it but hear it is good. there are a few Garmin products (Home Port).