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  1. Thanks doobie. It was a hard earnt fish and hoping for similar success in my new tub. Pretty sad softy. Getting harder and harder for us fishos across the board atm.
  2. Thanks Dave. That's basically what you have to do mate. Goodluck with your quest mate!!!
  3. Hi fellas. Here's a pic of my best metro mully caught just b4 I sold my cuddy cab a little while back. Over the 50lb mark. These fish don't come easy but magic can happen for those who persist. I just hope my new boat is lucky also. Cheers
  4. Yeah 4sure. Just the right length I reckon. Way cheaper than a custom too which sold me.
  5. Hi knackers. In overhead mate. Managed to find one today mate. 15kg to 24kg wilson livefibre. Kind of sold me seeing what my mate has put his thru so pretty happy I found one. Thanks in anycase bud. Cheers
  6. Hi fellas. Just noticed this older thread. How are the Wilson landbased rods holding up? Thinking of grabbing one. Looking at the 9ft model. 15kg-24kg version. Cheers
  7. Heard good things about the tackle guard product over the years. An old mate used to use it. Like the other boys inox has been my go to on my reels and the lanox spray which is a lanolin and inox blend is gold on the reel seats on your rods as it doesn't wash off also.I Also use light machine oil on moving parts of my reels too. Pays to look after ya gear as good gear isn't cheap these days.
  8. My mate has the new shimano t curve ian miller tk3g series. Very nice rods worth checking out. My mate is running the 10kg version but I think they have a couple lighter ones.
  9. Not sure Dylbaa, Probably be ok but always better putting the reel on in the shop. It is primary a lure rod with split grip and not a full length lower grip either so if it sits in a rodholder for any length of time there probably would be better choice as an allrounder I reckon.
  10. Both these balance up with daiwa 3000 reels so should be fine with your 4000 stella i think.
  11. Loomis do some nice 10lb to 20lb rods. I have one around the 6 and a half foot and they do the same rod in the 7 foot also. I bought a 7ft black hole Amped 7ft snapper model recently which is great and also very cheap also rated to 20lb. Great for plastics and also parabolic for straight up and down in the boat.
  12. Hi guys. Ended up ordering XL Hookem net. Has a metre drop as is but may go sum custom long drop fish friendly mesh later for monsters.
  13. Thanks Kuerschie. Heard the berkley ones were ok. Will check them out and go from there. Noticed guys using them alot on the fishing shows these days. Thanks mate
  14. Hi guys, about to buy a new xlarge landing net.just wondering what everyone is using these days. I used to run an xlarge environet in my last boat which was great. Know there are some berkley rubber ones and others on the market and wondered what they are like also. For use in my tinny but chasing the larger sizes. Was gonna go and get another XL environet but thought I would see if anything newer has come onto the market. Cheers
  15. Got the green light on some decent seats for the tinny today. Never hesitate when you get the green light. Hahaha!!! Some nice finishing touches for the tinny.