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  1. I feel your pain, my 3rd only ever trip after becoming a boat owner same thing, lost the anchor and chain to a loose d shackle, big cohannas for going in after it, bugger that
  2. Big thx to Sharon and the crew at Compleat Angler got my prize for the footy comp delivered today, got me a couple of boat bumpers because being a new boatie i really need them lol and also an awesome arrange of squid jags, cant wait to try out the purple one and also the black and yellow one, i think sharon may have gone above my $100 prize as i got quite a fair bit delivered for my $100 prize value. Thx again to Sharon really appreciate it and also to all the other sponsers and also to Bjorn and strike and hook see you all again next year
  3. Yep have to say pretty stoked as i thought there was only 2 prizes, pipped for outright 2nd on GF day lol well done to Gav solid year and also to Dylzz who kept me honest for half the year before getting 2nd on points in the last match hahaThx to Strike and Hook for running this and also for the prizes and also to the sponsers for there support and prizesMad Keen Fishing Charters.Compleat Angler Wallaroo & Moonta.Think ill be getting a coupla those snook float things lol for a crack this summerThx again everyone :cheer:
  4. Sounds very similar to snakes ( which i keep ) the saliva in there mouth thins human blood so even a little bite from them looks like an emergency ward from the amount of bloodhaha some good remedies, i can see it now, after using several remedies and mate still in pain, ill say i got one more trick to help the pain go away and ill unzip my fly, yep i reckon that will work hahahaha
  5. Haha Cheers guys for the quick answers, good to no its just gonna be painfull and ill tell them to man up, unless its me then ill sook like a little bitchSome good remedies there thanks ill be sure to give them a go, pissing on a mates hand will be a last ditch effort hahahahaha
  6. Gday Boys n gals im gonna make an effort this year and target flathead more often, never caught one before but was wondering if speared by the spikes they have on there side and tail i think, is it just a painful experience?? Not poisonous at all?? Just incase i or someone else in my boat happens to catch and get speared by one i no what to do, i wont need to return to ramp to get medical attention? I had a mate a long long time ago tell me he got speared and it was one of the most painfull experiences he had but he just kept his hand in the seaswater for a longtime, anyway just after advice
  7. yeah my bro in law and good mate after i showed them the video bought them, now seeing as im the only one with a boat i think we better get out and catch some squid to try them out, looks great in the video and very clean and easy process. if they work well ill grab some to as i love eating squid they just so slimy and messy ( ink ) to clean, let us no how u go waspy
  8. Being a new boat owner and not a crab eater, i gave it a go cause my girlfriend likes them during my holidays, both efforts pulled in over 20+ crabs and very big sizes, heading out again saturday with the nets so see how we go
  9. Not tipping the crows against my bombers you dont hahahahaha
  10. Gonna pull the pin on this one this year due to lack of interest, a bit over a week out from starting and only 1 person has registered, well looks as though i save myself $30 for buying a yozuri squid jag plus postage this year for the winner. If anyone is keen to join my money comp as mentioned above i still have 3 spots left, would need to be paid by direct deposit pretty soon, once paid i will send you the code for that one $500 first prize $250 for 2nd and $150 for highest scorer send me a PM for banking details and go from there, cheers lads and sorry for the lack of interest this year
  11. well done mate, i cant wait to feel that buzz oneday
  12. Point Turton is my favorite get away spots, sometimes i like to stay in the cabins on the cliff and if we spoiling ourselves get a spa room :c lol Also a very close walk/stagger to and from the jetty, ive also stayed at the other cabins about a minute drive from jetty and yes the hotel owner lets you take his row boat out so its pretty cool also. Yep squid few hours before sunset and also a few hours before sunrise, snook also of the jetty even the park manager will make you a snook rig if ya want, plenty of gar and tommies and ive caught pt jackson sharks and some small bronzies while trying to go for those elusive kingfish that are sometimes at the end of the jetty, just a great spot, have a great time
  13. You played last year didnt you Jack??? I thought you did?? im not sure of what names now, its a feature that comes up when you start/open DT this year, so i just clicked on the S&H league names and it has sent an email to start league from last year, you guys still need to log in and join with the code supplied above as i think i stuffed it up when i first tried it lol
  14. Hi Guys well its back again, with a few changes by the look of it, and once again im offering an amazing prize of a yozuri squid jag LOL I have sent everyone an email who played last year ( nice new feature of recreate league ) but ofcourse being me i think i stuffed it up, anyway the league is up, Strike & Hook, if the code that came with the email is wrong ( which it probally is ) it is this code 555256If you didnt play last year but would like to this year, please leave your name and you will be first in line of reply to a free spot should a player from last year not play againWhile i have you, i also started up a paid league ( have sent PM to guys who were interested at the end of last year ) It is $50 entry with a 1st prize of $500 2nd prize of $250 and a highest score prize of $150 please let me no if you are keen on this also, its filling up fast so let me no asap on this one, want to get it organised and paid for and out the way early as i dont want to be stressed out by late withdrawels or chasing people for money say yes pay your money and you will get the codeThx Boys look forward to battling it out again