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    P.B native fish caught
  2. Hi Steve, only hooked up to one callop didn't feel very big but lost it a few seconds after hooking it unfortunately. The appealing part to me with the lures was the fact of them being interchangable with different parts being added to the lure depending on the fish or water being fished.
  3. Have recently just purchased a pack of Mighty Bites from Big W just as a curiosity to see if they do what they say they do. I have just used one of the 3.75 inch sp's yesterday at a Safwaa dam after exhausting most of my lures at my disposal with out any success but upon putting on the Mighty Bite second cast landed me a 34cm redfin with plenty of little hits after but no hook-ups. Would like to know if anyone else has had a chance to use these lures yet salt or fresh, what have you caught while using them & what you think of them?
  4. Hi jrp131191,The closest place I can think off that you would have a chance if they still hire out boats is Nelson on the S.A Vic border in the Glenelg River me & my family hired a half cab they're about 4 years ago you don't need boat license & was very cheap. Cant remember the name of the company but just google Glenelg river boat hire it'll pop up, plenty of bream & mulloway in there to catch.
  5. I am completely baffled I have searched the internet for anything about this rod & come up completely trumps, possibly custom made???
  6. Sounds like I might have to give the rod & reel a go then before deciding if to sell it or not, although i do have my large penn reels for sharks etc.
  7. Im with 3, have been for 6 years now & am yet to come across any issues with coverage. I have noticed everyone has said how good Telstra is I have been told that both Telstra & 3 use the same phone toweras so where you get testra coverage youll get 3 coverage little bit of reading info on why they have the same towers: Telstra wanted the 3 g network so 3 sold it to them & also managed to get the use of telstras towers included in the deal. I have fished & travelled in a lot of remote places & am yet to lose coverage. Plus 3 have the best deals & up to date phone technology as i was with Telstra before the swap to 3 & was only because of lack of phones & plans that I swapped. Hope that helped a bit in your decision anything else let me know, cheers Davo.
  8. Had a closer look at the rod, the rod itself is metal with two black cork grips & a wooden butt.
  9. Quite a few there Del, The only one out of them that I know of is the beach caster as my old man has one of them he uses for surf fishing. I gather you really like the Alveys then? never actually used one myself looks like you would need a bit of skill to use it.
  10. Already checked that one out mines possibly older it is 10 ft.
  11. Thanks Del ive found the model number its a 650c1, I believe you when you say it can handle large fish etc as I reckon its got about 30+ kilo line on it, based on the model number what would the age & value be of it Del?
  12. Thanks for offer softy will let you know if I do.
  13. Thanks AFF, the manufacturer is Oliver & model is white conquest, eyelets are all metal. Any other info needed let me know thanks Davo.
  14. I have had my grandads rods & reels handed down to me & one of them I could do w ith a little help with, its an Oliver white conquest rod with Alvey reel & I know nothing about either the rod or reel & would like to know-age, specification of rod & reel & value as I havent decided if ill keep it yet or not. Any & all info is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance Davo.
  15. Hi the tommy king, Mate of mine just came back from Ardrossan spent the weekend there raking & on the jetty with nets, lots of crabs but almost all of them undersized worked out he got 1 keeper every hour. I would recomend Wallaroo jetty for crabbing never left there without a feed of crabs plus you can go squidding while you wait to bring up the crab nets. Cheers Davo.