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  1. I measure it as a single with a gape the same size as across the two points on the treble. But always need to check the action after to make sure it hasn't been compromised.
  2. From jetties or in general? Can't remember exactly from a jetty, recently got some yellow eye mullet around 35cm. That's about the size I handline and don't trust the rod to lift. Got a truly massive squid which would have been a couple kilos, had that one netted. Don't get to fish jetties much now I've moved to tas, they don't seem to build them here like back in Adelaide. In terms of biggest fish landed, a ~5kg eagle ray from the port near the gates to west lake. Lucky it wasn't out to sea or it could have spooled me, kept it swimming in circles and onto the shore by my feet when the hook finally came loose and let it swim off. Other than that a 60cm+ sea trout from vanhankaupunkikoski near Helsinki when I was in Finland.
  3. Then don't lift the fish up with the rod then. I often fish my light stick off jetties (7ft 3-14g cast weight) and unless it's a small and light fish, like gar or Tommy size I don't lift it with the rod, I either grab the line and hand line it up or use a drop net. Just need to make a judgement on the size of the fish and how much of a bend it will put in the tip lifting it.
  4. Ran across this interesting concept from a news article. A company/organization has figured out you can address every single point on earth in 3x3m square resolution using a combination of 3 English words. Which is a damn sight easier to remember than a long string of GPS coordinates. Apparently Tongo is adopting it for their brand new national post service. Instead of street addresses every 3sqm of their islands (and all water in between) effectively has a postal address they can plug into a drone and drop your mail off to. There is a phone app that you can download that uses the system instead of GPS coordinates. Now I don't know about you but I'm happy with a system that puts me withing 3m of my fishing marks and makes it dead easy to share those marks with mates. http://what3words.com/ Plus you can get some hilarious combinations.
  5. Just watched this from Totally Awesome Outdoors show (the new spin off from their Totally Awesome Fishing Show). Making your own oil from fish guts. They are using it here for lamp oil but I'd guess its a ingredient in his personal secret oil blend previously featured on his shark fishing video's. Anyone tried making their own oil from fish guts for burley instead of just buying tuna oil in bulk?
  6. Trebles might help with the hookup to landing ratio but probably going to get me snagged more often. My only gripe with the prey blades has been how easily fish seem to be able to throw them. Considering swapping the rear hook to a single with more angles of freedom to reduce them chucking it.
  7. Looks like BCF is going through a product line refresh for savage gear and the blades are no longer being supplied to stores. Had to order a stack online and waiting delivery. But on the plus side I ordered them at clearance prices on sale for cyber Monday at $4 a blade :-) They were my favorite brand of blades, anyone got any alternative suggestions? Big redfin were absolutely slaying the fire tiger pattern at Craigbourne Dam here near Hobart. Only thing in my box that was getting a touch. Hard bodies and soft plastics were being ignored by everything but the blades were getting constant action. Even got a decent salmon or rainbow trout (both are stocked there) but jumped off almost straight away. Wondering when the 2017 lineup of products will be in store and if they will bring the blades back one-day.
  8. You can use a fly rod for yellow fin whiting. Especially if you don't mind polluting it with bait and making purist fly fishers gasp in shock and have a heart attack. Can be a great way to present a weightless or lightly weighted bait to the shallows where the whiting lurk. But I would recommend a medium/light action general purpose travel rod outfit around 7ft with a 2500 size reel and 8lb line. Perfect for going for a walk flicking lures for salmon-trout or bream, or presenting light weight paternoster burley sinker rigs off jetties for tommies, silver whiting, gar and similar or stick float rigs for the same. Or chucking light sliding sinker rigs right in the shallows with live worms for yellow fin. Also good for throwing small squid jags either from the rocks or from the southern jetties off the end near the sea grass. It's the snapper closed season but the charters will still be running for king George whiting, squid, gar and other basic bread and butter targets and would be a great way to get you onto them. If you want to more reliably catch something and learn the best techniques for them at the same time you are best getting a charter. I see charters as more of a fishing education thing than just transporting me to where the fish are and well worth the money when I could afford them.
  9. Running a shimano exage 1000RC with power pro bite motion 5lb and I've landed what I estimate was up near 5kg eagle ray along with sea trout to 3.5kg. Along with Australian Salmon to 40cm. I love the bite motion braid and rarely have issues with it.
  10. sbarnden


    For light braid to leader connections when wading, look at the sokkou knot tool from Daiwa. Dead simple and fast. You can do the same knot with your fingers or some forceps (it's effectively a surgeons knot).
  11. Not the location you are after but my best success has been shore jigging for them while wading off Marino rocks. Caught a lot on slim metal jigs such as leadfish and also silver halco twisters. Definitely a viable target wading if you can cover rocky and weedy ground. Had some nice follows and sightings wading on the northern flats out over the deeper weedbeds but not in the channels.
  12. Check out the kanalgratis YouTube channel in their tie tv section. Had a very good 'fly' they used in perch pro with a cone head, beads, Mylar tube, epoxy and their wiggle tails. Lots of other good patterns too.
  13. All the advice I found when starting fly fishing was buy the best rod you can afford, then the best lines you can afford and finally whatever reel you can get with the money left over. Unless you are chasing large game fish the reel is just a line storage device. If you are going to chase bigger fish which in SA would be large salmon, mullies, kingfish, snapper and tuna then you will be a better reel but anything large arbor with a smooth drag should do. The insane prices for fly fishing gear is more of a status symbol than anything. Like it is in any hobby really. I've caught up to some good sized barra on my entry level Orvis encounter 8wt combo with no issue.
  14. Digging up an old topic, Anyone given the Molix Supernato a go? Love the idea of it being weedless for the deepest snaggiest sections and being able to adjust the sink rate by adding/removing water into the body. Also liking the look of the new Jugulo "FS" with the weight at the back. Looks to be great casting lure for salmon into strong winds, wonder if its going to make it here to BCF and how long it will take. Noticing a few in their global range that don't appear to have filtered through to our local distributor. The Audace range and Brigante for instance.
  15. If you want to be dirt cheap fishing for a feed then you only need a few things, probably be able to set yourself up for under $20. 1) A hand caster. Usually can buy one rigged with a running sinker rig for a couple of dollars. Rods can help you cast farther and reels make it easier to retrieve and stay neat but just to catch fish a handcaster can do pretty much everything you would want from most shorelines, rocks, breakwaters and jetties. 2) A squid jig. Can buy a cheap jig for a couple of dollars which will work just as well as most of the expensive ones even if its not as pretty. 3) A selection of tackle odds and sorts. A spool of cheap bulk mono line. Hooks, can buy variety packs cheap enough. Sinkers, again a variety pack of ball sinkers cheap enough. Swivels, again, variety pack cheap. Floats, bubble, weighted casting, big squid floats. All pretty cheap again. First, get yourself down a jetty or breakwater where there is ground that holds squid well within chucking range. Cut off the running sinker rig from the hand caster and tie on the squid jig. Chuck it out as far as possible and work it back with slow pulls pausing to wind the line up each time. If there are squid around you will get into some pretty quickly. You can set it under a float and chuck the whole thing out and wait if you're feeling lazy but you will get more bites if you constantly cast-retrieve. Now you have plenty of squid tubes for the table and squid head and tentacles for bait. Now you can cut the jag off and put on a rig of your choosing - running sinker, paternoster or float rig. Bait up with squid and start fishing. Almost everything loves fresh squid. You should be able to get into most fish.