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  1. We regularly use north haven boat ramp, think that annoys us the most is the guys that pull up right up top of the ramp and then start to get there boat ready meanwhile blocking up lanes for people that are ready. It's not hard to get everything ready in the car park whilst getting your ticket too.As for coming back in we usually bring the boat as far down to the shallow end of the pontoon so any other boats coming in can come upto the pontoons. There is a priority launching lane for anyone going out.
  2. Cheers for all the advice least now got some idea on what I should be looking for. Time to head to the tackle shop and get my wallet out, then again my birthday is coming up maybe time to start dropping hints!!
  3. Had seen that one, only thing I wasn't sure about was 3 piece. Anyone had one before?
  4. Cheers forgot to mention I'm after a reel too!
  5. I am in the market for a surf rod, pretty keen to give surf fishing a crack as I've not really tried it before. Will probably try down the coorong / salt creek. What would be a good combo to be looking at I've got no idea where to start really. Would be happy to spend $150-$200 maybe a little more for a decent setup?Cheers!
  6. Went to a spot on snapper fishing night a while back and he was kinda lurking in the shadows handing out his brochures when people walked out the door, was rather strangeAt first I thought he actually took you out and showed you, but reading closer it appears its classroom based??? $500 is crazy money if that's the case.
  7. had a fair bit of luck using the smaller white squidgy flick baits with a fairly light jighead, was catching one after another.
  8. Just joined, better late than never I guess! Should have seen this a few weeks ago.