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  1. Fantastic effort and fish mate. Always more rewarding from your own boat as well. Be interesting to see whether this exceptional run of large tuna down the south east repeats itself next year or is just a one off freak season.
  2. I tried a bream from West lakes once and it was foul. Also tried a 35cm king George from the lake once too and it was equally as foul.
  3. I'll stand corrected but I was under the impression that the blueys don't live in there full time. Each spring summer fresh crabs arrive through the inlet gates.
  4. I'm only guessing myself but I reckon you'd be spot on with your theory. Something is causing a lot of bait to be there and the big tuna are following.
  5. Only others I can think of that meet those requirements is either Elliston or Coffin Bay.
  6. I have a foam buoy on my scaling bag for that very reason. To lose those fish would've been devastating.
  7. Don't worry Daiwa do it as well ie drop the quality of new a model compared to the older model. I think its best to not have any brand allegiance and instead assess the quality of the particular current model before buying. Unfortunately I didn't do that though when I bought the current model caldia.
  8. The quality of models goes up and down. I bought a daiwa caldia about 7 years ago. Very smooth and quiet. Awesome little reel. Bought the latest model caldia about 6 months ago and it's not as smooth. Quality definitely dropped compared to older model. Perhaps stradics are the same. I'm convinced that reel manufacturers seem to deliberately increase and decrease the quality of models.
  9. Me neither. I bought a boat instead too.
  10. They're all extremely pricey mate. That's OK if you've got a high annual income and cash to burn but otherwise I don't think it's worth it. Thought about going on a couple live aboard GT charters but the cost in my opinion just isn't worth what you'll likely catch as all sport fishing charters tend to extremely exaggerate how good the fishing is on a standard day. Quality sport fish are often very fickle.
  11. Ultimately I think braid is cheaper than mono because it's lasts for years. It's rare I need to replace braid.
  12. Nanman

    Tough tuna

    Awesome video Cal. Look how poorly they were treated compared to today. Bruised...in the sun....not bled.....what a waste! glad times have changed with regard to appreciating the tuna's great culinary qualities.
  13. Its hard to match an outfit that will be ideal for tuna and kings as kings pull twice as hard as tuna and fight very dirty.
  14. Excellent video. Thanks for sharing. For 3 decades it was a relatively unknown by the masses and was an excellent snapper fishing spot. When that changed to become the most famous well known snapper spot in Australia unfortunately the quality of snapper fishing eventually deteriorated.
  15. That's one less trained white shark we need to worry about. A few months ago I was fishing about 5kms away from neptunes and was "buzzed" by an aggressive 14 foot white shark that was determined to bite the motor. I never gave it a chance but I could tell it was one a "performing" tourist shark because it scars around its face and nose from where it had been crashing into cages.