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  1. used to know Steve pretty well from Arafura blue, great charter can thoroughly recommend it.if you have limited time a charter is the go as they will put you onto great fish.but if you have a bit more time head out to fenton patches if you can hire a boat.we used to fish pipeline out there "mainly at night" change of the tide just about always produced jewies for us and bag limits on quite a few occasions.had some very memorable fishing out around the fenton patches...
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    used to sell pen flares in Darwin, just like a plastic trigger the size of a pen that you screw a red flare cartridge onto the end and it shoots a red flare into the air.comes with about 6-8 cartridges from memory.would be very good in a yak as it's very compact.be warned though they go off like a shotgun, very loud http://www.painswessex.com/products/compact-distress-signal.html
  3. when fishing alone in corroboree billabong Darwin one morning a few years ago caught a catfish while trolling.lifted it into the boat and it fell off the hook and one of the pectoral spikes went through my overalls "was a cold winters morning" and in beaded in my calf muscle, was quite an intense burning pain, but luckily i used to carry panadine forte with me so popped a cpl and carried on fishing.had a numb left toe for several months after that, apparently caused by a severed a nerve to my toe according to the doctor
  4. Cheers guys i was spewing really that i didn't get there earlier when it was going off and not a good start when having a ripper go off right in front of the lens and i had opened the shutter in time. only to find i still had the lens cap on missed the best one lol.nah KharmaKazi is just a gaming name i made up years ago when i used to play online games a bit Live Fibre, couldn't think of a decent copyright name for my photos so it had to do
  5. though i may as well join in.first lightning shots, missed most of them as got there a bit late, but managed a cpl of average shots :
  6. 2hr trip up the South Alligator river got to a nice feeder creek we used to fish a lot, mate got a nice barra which i netted for him and went to grab out of the net for him by the mouth as i had done many times.this time it jumped and imbedded 2 of the hooks on one of the sets of trebles, one hook straight into my palm and one hook locking my middle finger to my palm."large trebles on a 6" nilsie" two hr boat ride back to the ramp, then another 2 or so hrs back to Darwin hospital and another 2hrs wait at the hospital.the doctor cut the hooks apart which freed up my finger from my palm then just held the hook in my palm with a set of piers and hit the pliers with another set of pliers and out that one came.tried to do the same with the other in my finger and hit my finger with the pliers too and cut my finger as well :dry:
  7. i'm using a Shimano aspire 1000FA on a G-Loomis DSR820S, the reel comes with 2 spools so loaded up with 2kg and 4kg diawa braid. i intend targeting small the med reds on it this season with plastics.so far have only caught whitting on it, but yesterday got a double header of 45-50cm whitting on it in 2-3mtrs of water and it handled beautifully.my suggestion is to spend that little bit more and get a quality outfit as you need something with a good drag system for light lines. the drag on the Aspire 1000 is smooth as silk
  8. if your after landbased barra, head to shady camp.i lived in Darwin for a few years and very rarely would i come home with nothing from shady camp off the barrage.every year there are some monster fish landed off the barrage and if you hire a tinny from there you could also head up to the S bends for some nice barra too. "used to be pretty cheap to hire a tinny there" fish the saltwater side at high tide and if there's not too many people there cast close to the rocks near your feet and not out as far as you can, as this is where most of the barra hang.fish the freshwater side with plastics using a stainless long shank hook "no lead head" some good fish on that side too.another spot where you can land monster barra is off buffalo creek boat ranp at night and early hrs at certain times of the year ;)another great land based spot for barra is called the rock bar near gunn point, but you would need a local to show you this spot, but if someone showed you this spot there are some nice barra to be had there.also another very good land based spot is off the rocks at dundee beach if your prepaired to drive a bit just about always get salmon off the rocks to the left of the shops as your looking out to sea and have also got some nice barra off the rocks there as well as jacks, queenies, trevelly just to name a few, and some creatures that you just can't stop Dundee beach used to be one of my all time favorite land based spots to fish up there. you never know what you could get off there.there's also a nice little creek just up from the shop/pub there that you get some nice jacks and barra from, just ask at the shop and they will give you dirrections.all of the above spots i used to fish with small baitcast barra gear, nothing over 10kg braid...
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    planted tanks look great and a real challenge too...i only have a cpl of smaller planted tanks left with freshwater shrimps now, but used to be right into it.and one of the old ones no longer setup
  10. i have the same machine as above, i always use mine on extended seal and it does a great job.sealed heaps of bait/whole snapper/fillets etc and still going strong.for the price of the machine you can't go wrong.as for the bags not sealing properlly, you must make sure the sealing edge is dry and clean i always wipe the edges with paper towel before sealing.i also buy the bag rolls and just cut the size needed for what i'm sealing.i managed to fit a whole 97cm snapper into one of the large size bag rolls, was a bit of a aqueeze but managed to slide it in i would never go back to just using plastic bags after using the sealer, keeps bait fresher too no freezer burn etc...
  11. i bought one of these vacum sealers for $60 including 2 x rolls of free bags + i bought a few extra rolls of bags too. URL removed upon request of url's webmaster it has 2 x pressure sealing modes and does a great job, the biggest "whole" snapper iv'e done with it is 97cm. done approx 50 whole snapper with it this season and quite a few fillets too. i also use it for whole fish baits i catch, and agree it keeps baits a lot better and fresher even slimeys come out usable.best $60 bucks iv'e spent in a long time...
  12. yep good for a laugh be nice to have your pilot licence and be able to fly into where ever you want