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  1. ShoreJigger

    Lure is spinning while I'm retrieving

    I use a loop knot on the sugapens and have never noticed any spinning. Use a locked knot on poppers though.
  2. ShoreJigger

    Penn Prevail lure caster?

    As Kuerschie has said a shorter, lighter rod would be more comfortable to use casting over and over for long periods. I've had a fair few rods between 8ft and 11ft and have gone back to 9' or 9'6s. The 11ft rod I had weighed exactly the same as another 9 footer I used, but was much more taxing on the wrists and arms.
  3. ShoreJigger

    Shimano Travel Rods

    Sorry to hear about your rod troubles here, but trying to make sense of your post Seaseecol, did you lift the rod into the boat holding only the top third? What weight rating is the rod? Probably advise against lifting a graphite rod (especially with a reel attached) by only the top third, always go for the grip or heavier part of the blank. It may have flexed with the weight of the reel in the wrong spot and 'bang' there she goes.
  4. ShoreJigger


    Thanks for the detailed feedback there Mitch. Seems real lazy and stupid not having a description of episodes, or even some searchable keywords like Mulloway, whiting, tuna, landbased, offshore etc. Does google help you out with a description if you search for an episode number and season?
  5. ShoreJigger


    Cheers ChuckT, the sort of feedback I was looking for. The old man and I use to watch the VHS recordings of Rex Hunt for hours. You could probably thank that show for my passion in fishing.
  6. ShoreJigger


    I might have to be the pioneer. 79 bucks a year is not a lot. The Daiwa Next Level films on there are quality in terms of camera work etc. I love watching the Morningtide lads as well, land based spinning is my thing. I don't necessarily agree with how they fish though, jumping in the water etc. but it is damn entertaining. They have a few 'how to' clips featured (might be the DVD they were selling). All the better fishing shows are included, Big Angry Fish, Adventure Bound, Rexy Hunt etc. and s couple of new ones I haven't seen before.
  7. ShoreJigger


    I'd found that thread archerfish, after a search. Surprised by the lack of responses. Was hoping someone had got it by now. The Netflix of fishing.
  8. ShoreJigger


    So nobody has Fishflicks? Here's a link if you haven't seen it: https://fishflicks.tv
  9. ShoreJigger


    This has been out for a while now. I'm looking at getting it, but want some opinions first. So who's got it? Do you like it? Don't like it? Worth the money?
  10. ShoreJigger


    The tool I have is the best fishing accessory I have purchased. I can tie a perfect FG first time, in about 2 and a half minutes. The videos of those simplified versions would be fine in the boat. But impossible on the ocean rocks or breakwalls. Not many rod holders out there. Would be a struggle on the beach in the wind too I reckon.
  11. ShoreJigger


    Redreeler, I probably wouldn't use that combo for lures under 10g. A leftys loop knot or rapala loop would be the go for bream lures etc. Most of my fishing is larger lures off rocks, breakwaters and beaches. Dmck, the tool I use is called the daichi seiko knot assist. It's a fair bit smaller than those Ez Knotters. Easier to chuck in the back pack as it is nice and compact.
  12. ShoreJigger


    Uni knot to solid ring to split ring to lure is what I use landbased. Quick lure changes with a pair of split ring pliers. Leader length stays the same as no need to tie knots. Unless I am fishing plastics then it is just uni to jighead/hook. For braid to leader it's always an FG, very quick and easy with the little tool I have.
  13. ShoreJigger

    My recent Trips and reports-

    Good to see plenty of schoolies around through the winter months. Great reports mate. Been trying to nail one on lures down that way for the past year or so. Good signs for the coming months.
  14. ShoreJigger

    New Alan Hawk review Out

    Does anyone know if the smaller sizes have an anti reverse switch? Hopefully a no. Looks like these switches are becoming a thing of the past. Which is a good thing, just another place water and sand can intrude. EDIT: Found in review. No switch 4500-8000 sizes.
  15. ShoreJigger

    The ever changing trends on Spinning reels

    Not too many though. It looks like they are trying to reverse the trend with the new BG reels coming out. A simpler design, that will be self serviceable due to no mag seal.