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  1. Sorry should have said next friday not this friday
  2. Hey guys I've really been eager to get for a fish this weekend but with this weather I might rug up with a bottle of port and watch Black Cavier spank the Poms anyways i was wondering if you guys could help. I was playing to do a trip down south heading down to Waits then on to Myponga for some squid but the questions is am i wasting my time with the water quality atm.? and should i just concentrate on waits?I'll most likely head out Friday after my exam
  3. There very good in the burns unit, couldnt have praised them any more!! Gotta head back tomorrow for a check up.Might head down to BCF and get one thanks DEL! And ill check out complete angler thanks fridge.
  4. G day guys well, the tittle speaks for its self, how do you go about sun protection? I personally haven't really bothered about it up, always wore my wide brim hat and a bit of sunscreen but everything changed other week. I am currently taking a medication that makes my skin super sensitive, after a good 7 hours out in the sun on Australia day getting stuck into some salmon my skin became so burnt it resulted in a trip to the RAH burns unit.Its been a big wake up call since then, but its got me thinking. On a hot summers day how does one go about making sure they are fully protected? Does anyo
  5. G day guys be digging around the old boys shed of late a come across some surf rods which need to be fixed most just the top eye needs to be fixed while another the big eye nearest to the handle needs to be replace most the rods fairly new while i found one which would be close to 30 years old and need a complete set of new eyes. also got one that has a small crack in it wasnt sure if it could be fixed or not? and is there a way to make a one piece a two piece cause a 14 ft rod doset fit in the car lol Was wondering if where i should take them?Thanks Robo
  6. Hey guys went and brought 100 of them today plus 4 snapper sinkers, at that price you cant go wrong Link is here http://adelaide.gumtree.com.au/c-Stuff-for-Sale-sports-fishing-50x-fishing-sinkers-BRAND-NEW-W0QQAdIdZ330439538Get on to it guys!
  7. Things like that give us fish folk a bad name, look at the restriction we got atm, and there only gonna get tougher we dont need people ****ing it up for us!
  8. Nick why would you do that? Im sorry but really putting fish in that lake will change ecosystem of the lake! all of a sudden it begins to challenge the fish for food. Big Bream in that lake 40+ are rare as they are with out needing to compete with doggies
  9. Wel I've been told to get out the house sunday for the whole day and with the weather shaping up to be nasty I'm sure where to head, I do like my surf fishing and was think of giving waits ago but never been there before or am I better suited south port? as I only have a 2wd. I've got the whole day so travelogue not a problem. Thanxs Robo
  10. G day guys i brought my rod (action 4/5 #) and reel but this as far as ive got, i understand the action type is the weighting of line needed? (could be wrong) but where do i go from here? Leaders, backing etc...is where im stuck
  11. Thousands i didnt count every single one but there where too many to count, small being 8cm up to just under size. I walked for a while 100 or so metre and it was a constaint stream of them in one big line and it kept going, left soon after as the Girl Friend was to freaked out by them
  12. G day guys probably a normal things but thought it would be nice to go for a walk down around henley beach last night, got to the water and found 1000's and 1000's of small sand crabs dead on the shore was this due to the heat? them getting caught in the shallows and being cooked? and was thinking about taking them home for bearly crushing them up and freezing them but cause but cause they where all small wasnt sure even though they where dead that i was allowed to
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