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  1. Been pretty happy with tube and beach worms from ray & anns, not cheap but they almost always have them and are fresh.
  2. thanks thats it! thought it looked a bit like a snook but not. Got 2 in 2 casts on a pink Ecogear Power Worm Grass Minnow soft plastic Nice fight on light gear
  3. Hello all Just wondering if anyone knows what fish is in the attached pic? i just cant put my finger on it! Got 2 in quick succession on plastics this morning just off west beach thanks! Luke
  4. Yea I'm happy to just be there We are moving every day or at most staying in one place for 2 days. Spending some time around hawqua
  5. Nice We will be traveling the area between Mansfield, Dargo, Licola - most of the western side. Big carp is always fun
  6. Hello all Wondering if anyone can help me at all. Im heading to the Vic high country for a 4wd trip next week and over easter and I'm looking to chuck a rod in and have a bit of a flick. Im thinking of bringing my bream rod and some lures but honestly i have no idea where i should start? I don't have many lures so would like to purchase some specific Guess trout would be the main species? what else would be in those streams? thanks Luke
  7. Yea plan was to try but i don't really want to rely on that.
  8. HeyHeading up to salt creek on the weekend.Want to get a good quantity of good fresh bait, something like some tommies or salmon and squid heads.Anyone got any recommendations where to go? plan was to try and get the boat out and catch some but just running out of time.thanksLuke
  9. Certainly handy to have especially if you plan on going anywhere remote.I have a "Ridge Ryder Ultimate Air Compressor" which i got for $150 on special and its very good so far.Similar to the Tigerz11 which gets good reviews often http://www.tigerz11.com.au/product-category/compressors/thumper-air-compressor.html
  10. Dont really need a compressor for goolwa, servo is not real far - just keep the speeds down.
  11. Mostly boat based.IMO bait runner will do fine on the beach for me, wont be that often and ill keep it out of the sand and water.
  12. Iv got a Baitrunner OC 8000 which i use on my snapper rod (and surf rod)I dont generally bother to use the bait runner feature for snapper but it is hand for letting line out or rigging etc.Should be good for live baiting for mulloway etcSolid reel and very smooth.
  13. Has been rather windy.Iv been keen to get out but each time its been to windy for a 4.2 tinny