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  1. Haha yeah it's a bit like that man. Added a few more to the collection and one more to come when it comes out on the market.. Haha the filthy wogs. I've never had the word said to me in an abusive manner and even if it was I'd probably laugh
  2. Been a long while since I've seen a post come up regarding sharks and rays.just fish hard boys...took me years to catch my first good shark. Countless trips countless hours. The amount of donuts me a Pauly had during our wintertime 7 gill hunts. But itl all pays off someday in the end. Worst thing about this type of fishing is amount of money it' costs to start.The gear is by no means cheap and wouldn't cut corners in my tackle..hate to see big fish get away with out giving it a pat and getting a happy snap But no way I could ever go back to chasing small fish unless it's the bait I need lol. Polonius.Nothing wrong at all with the areas ur fishing, all will produce sharks at some stage. As Paul said it is a little late in the year but you never no if you don't try, may even run into snapper. Best little advice is constant slick which is alot harder to do these days with the stupid laws Ports rays, filleted baits half baits whole baits will all work, you may have to sit thru the dog shark plagues at times but more than likely u should find a ray. Garden island warf is where I use to have alot of sucess when I fished for them..Best of luck and yeah good to see a thread like this come up again
  3. Tell ur old man to get a boat man or make Shen take you out . No doubt someone would have gotten them at some stage off metro beaches and jetties, but nothing good and big besides sharks at the right time and rays come from metro jetties now. And the occasional snapper of glenelg and porties in the right conditions
  4. Or maybe he likes to buy and use quality gear for his fishing instead of shit and also being a pretty versatile reel at that size.
  5. Not the first time that's happened either man. Sad to see. That inprint on the eagle rays wing is probably a brick mark, someone's probably chucked a Brick at it.
  6. Halco twistys/ adagio duels in the 40-60gram sizes all work a treat of the beach and will work great of Jettys and rocks also. Heard waits has been a little quite lately, few fish still gettin around thow.
  7. SouthieDoes it tell u if the hole of Giles jetty is open?
  8. Yea I doubt they cast that far :-/. Maybe 50 tops with all the factors going ur way and with a decent reel
  9. Doesn't really matter what colour u get man. Just remeber to try and represent bait fish they chase and eat and ul be on the right track.The purple ones and pilchard looking colored ones, my favourite for mullies.
  10. I've Slayed too many salmon on those adagio stick baits. Use them for what you want. It's a very versatile lure, that why I spend the extra Pennies. Catch plenty of good fish on them. I haven't lost one yet to a salmon and I fish some very rocky spots for them down Yorkes and get 3-4 kilo fish on them Worth the coin i rekon
  11. Barbz


    Burkley powerbait ''watermelon pearl'' .... That's all u need. Hard to find those plastics but if u do, get a few packets coz snook just love them .
  12. TLD 25 dont cast???? they cast sick I bomb mine out pretty far mate, they cast quite well.
  13. And u forgot how to land fish...