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  1. I was up there in winter a few years ago, and wanted to get out and catch some big blue water fish. Here in Adelaide I catch plenty of snapper - which is great - but I was hoping to find something different in Noosa. After waiting for the wind to drop for a few days I got on a charter on a decent sized cat - with a very exciting bar crossing - and headed out for the day in glassy rolling mountains of swell from multiple directions. Good fun really. Only problem was, we only caught snapper - all day. Nothing as big as the SA big reds either, mainly around 3-4 kg. Gear used was broomstick type rods with locked up alvey reels and circle hooks. Hmmm. Not exactly finesse fishing. I was told it was in case we hooked up a big grouper. Cant remember the charter operators name. Other punters on the boat had a good time, but as a keen fisho, I was left a bit disappointed. Saltybeard
  2. Had quite a few slow trips chasing snaps on the usual haunts and only finding ruggers. Fri evening was better though, with 8 decent fish to bring home...Its been a while... Saltybeard
  3. Yep. Love it. Caught plenty of snapper, nannys, and even tuna on it. Faster retrieve would improve it for jigs, but other than that it awesome. Still runs like the day I bought it. Saltybeard
  4. Yes. We boated 8 keepers in 40mins. Biggest was only 57cm though.
  5. A genuine 30lb snapper in 9 foot of water on a 4000 daiwa regal baitrunner with 2 short pieces of cheap 15lb braid joined together in the middle. My heart sank when i saw the join knot peel off the spool on one of the big early runs. Lots of patience and wishful thinking finally saw it over the side of the boat about 15 or 20 mins later. Happy days, and new line on the reel!Saltybeard
  6. Thanks Guys,Any info on specific operators out of pt mac?Saltybeard
  7. Hi folks,Hoping to feel what catching a decent tuna is like. I live in metro Adelaide, and am looking for advice on a good charter to target tuna for a 1 day max trip. Thanks Saltybeard
  8. Morning fish in the tinny off Brighton Mon morning produced a great mixed feed.Discovered on the way out that the battery was flat - no sounder or gps then.... back to looking over the side for weed/sand patches. Lucky there was no wind and the water was pretty clear!We filled the esky with:2 snapps3 kg whiting16 squid (got a dozen in about 3 mins when the tide went slack!)loads of leather jackets12 gar3 tommiesand more pt jacksons and fiddlers than i could believe - about 10 of each, some sporting hooks and line from other encounters with fishermen. It was hot though, and a quick jump over the side to cool down was essential.So, $5 of fuel, $5 on 2 iced coffees. Great morning out an plenty of good tucker. Love my fishing!More public holidays please...Saltybeard
  9. It was a bit rough on Sunday. I launched the tinny off Seacliff with 3 of us on board, and had to take it very easy on the way out. Not dangerous, but less than comfortable. Still, 6 legal snaps (biggest about 5 kg) made it worthwhile Happy days, but even happier when the wind drops a bit more.Saltybeard
  10. Had an interesting one on fri night - my mate hooked 2 just legal snapps simultaneously on one pilchard, and we hand netted a big cuttlefish that followed them up from the depths! A very tasty 3 in 1 score, with lots of bait for the future too. Saltybeard
  11. Hi folks,Seen lots of Quantum Boca Baitrunner reels for sale online - reduced from $250-$300 down to about $100. Various sites have them available in 2 sizes - a 60 and and 80. They look pretty good with ceramic drag and plenty of bearings that are apparently corrosion resistant and super strong gears too. They appear to be very heavy, but has anyone used one? I was thinking of targeting snapper with it. For about $100 are there better baitrunner options around?I have heard that the lower end shimano ones are not worth the money, the mid range ones are not braid friendly and the high end ones are out of my reach!Any thoughts appreciatedSaltybeard