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  1. I'm off Thursday & Friday so bring itIf that's an invite to your place then your lovely lady know clear all plans for the weekend then let Mrs Poops know the Vietmanese man is here.
  2. I'll be working just to be able to drink with you Poops. Not that i mind. I'm first to arrive and last to leave.
  3. someone pick a date pleaseBUMP' date=' I'm getting thirsty[/quote']Just name a night & book a table that suits us poops' date=' the rest will roll up [/quote']Large table will be booked for next Wednesday night 4/9/13. Mog & I will be dining & all are welcome to join us. Dine/drink/talk crap/put a face to a name.Can do semi regular at different venues if you are keen.This time at the HighwayYou could be like the Raunchy Girls. One week the highway, one week the white horse, one week Settlers...
  4. Good work Southie. Top day for it. Might have to suss it out.
  5. $38/hr taken to Brighton jetty for 5 hrs of squidding...BARGAIN!
  6. http://www.strikehook.com/forum/5-general-fishing/255517-pollution-in-gulf-st-vincent
  7. http://www.fiveaa.com.au/audio_pollution-in-gulf-st-vincent_107318?s=29
  8. Damo, any chance of giving this tackle store a plug cause that's a bloody good price you got and share the details of the braid?Thanks.
  9. The Greens will get decimated this election like the dems a few years ago.
  10. You can set up your account so it shows you off line, like i have for eg.
  11. All of a sudden i feel like eating Tuna that tastes like chicken...
  12. Made a call for ya mate as it was a while ago for me. 20 cents a yard of PP at SFS, so 200yd = $40.Got One Stepney, Sufix 832 was 30cents a yard.SFS sell spools of PP 150yds for $30. but all depends on how much your reel spool holds. Best buy it from the bulk spool as you only pay for the amount you need/use.
  13. Alex, try the West beach boat ramp break water/wall for snook and gar.
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