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  1. Sounds like a good buy, 400 pages of recipes for $10, gotta be happy with that. Cheers MJ
  2. The three pictures you got Banga, look amazing. Thanks for sharing them with us. Cheers MJ
  3. They look good Hoopsy, i will have to give them go. Cheers MJ
  4. Congratulations Sharon, on being the Woman's Angling Club, Club Champion for 2013/2014. Cheers MJ
  5. G'day Cuz,Found this converter on the net which may be of use to you to try.http://www.gpscoordinates.eu/convert-gps-coordinates.phpCheersMJ
  6. I'm in, hope I win it as its a great prize. Good on ya Spotter for offering it.CheersMJ
  7. Here some Marks but unsure on accuracy as they are taken from a GPS site might be worth a try.Deadman's Rock Spencer Gulf, Port Victoria. 34 26.950 137 23.760 WGS84 Surrounding water depth 12metres - Sandy and weedy bottom.The Songvar Wreck - Spencer Gulf-20 minutes from Port Victoria 34.27.766 137.23.145 WGS83 - Water depth 6metres Wardang Jetty Patch NE Coast Wardang Island. King George Whiting 34.27.985-137.22.778 Depth 4metres - Broken bottom - sand/weed/gravel.Lindsay's Mark - Port Victoria. Whiting & Snapper. 34.24.820 137.21.470 WGS84 - Water depth 12metres. Broken bottom.Hope there of some use to you.CheersMJ
  8. I like my Garmin GPS72 so easy to use and does the job very well.CheersMJ
  9. Your soft plastics look great well done mate.CheersMJ
  10. Merry Christmas to all Strike and Hook members.Lets hope 2011 brings another good year of fishing for everyone.Cheers MJ
  11. G'day gbowe,Yes the Pt Noarlunga boat ramp is for public use but it only has small area for vehicles down there................CheersMJ
  12. Not long ago Kelvin put up a post about some types of lures he has been making, its well worth a look.CheersMJ
  13. I read in Saturdays Advertiser that Pickles will be running a totally unreserved boat and Water sport auction at Adelaide Outboard Marine on Saturday 9th October 2010 commencing at 9.30am.