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  1. Anyone no who sells theese, look like worthy winches for a shymanzero
  2. Yeah thats mad as, care to inform how to do so talbo?
  3. shove ya pigs in the cop shop up ya arse mate
  4. judging by the anal probe on the side of it i think i have a pretty good idea of what the F G stands for....lol
  5. Very Big Laugh to that one as brook trout have never been stocked in South Australia. On top of that it is factual information that the condition of the stream really does have to be top notch and even in the Snowys where the water quality is good there are only a few creeks that theese fish can live in comfort without peril.Even if someone got there hands on some to stock into a creek and thrown them in, there mortality rate would be extremely high and they WILL very quickly die.As for your video Jimbo, cool stuff its great fun isnt it. However they were all nice little browns no brookies there, also you must keep in mind that the section of the torrens you are fishing is under lease from SAFFA and deemed no access to the public by SA water so it probably wouldnt be too wise putting footage up of you guys fishing there. Not the smartest thing to do really.Doesnt this site have conditions against that kind of thing? maybe this ranger fellow should analyse this. FF