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  1. Your gear does seem fine. Every tenth cast, try winding in under heavy tension (hold the braid as you wind in). I have found this has dramatically reduced the number of wind knots I get when not only squidding but also flicking lures for bream.
  2. Have caught bream at semaphore jetty. One on a king tide using a gar rig
  3. Berkley Powerbait in a natural tone or a Shimano Sephia in an orange/pink prawn-type pattern. These work well for me.
  4. I have noticed an exponential increase in the number of kayaks venturing out into the gulf during the last year or two. I know from personal experience that for those unable to justify spending large sums of money on boats and maintenance kayaks seem like a great alternative. Even taking a walk down a metro beach on the weekend you often see heaps of yaks being launched from the sand.Claiming that fishing and boating is dead is completely wrong. As an adolescent I associate with many guys my age and I have found that a large percentage of them enjoy getting out for a fish on the jetty or the b
  5. Another quick Pat session. This time I decided to use bait and relax a bit more. Ended up with a dozen bream and 3 STs. Biggest fish went 37cm and gave me a bit of curry which was fun. Most bream caught on whitebait although I managed a few on prawns.Cheers
  6. Great photos TT.I also headed down to the Pat recently and was fortunate enough to find some bream, salmon and even a few mullet on HBs. Even managed my first surface-caught fish: a ST!
  7. Hi guys, I would just like to add a question of my own to this thread if I may.What is the ideal depth you want a snook lure to swim? So far I am under the impression that its around the 1-1.5m mark? Additionally, if trolling in a kayak how fast do you need to travel in order to keep paravanes and binned minnows moving at an appealing speed?Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have only ever caught a few snook whilst trolling on a YP charter and they are a species I would like to target more often.Cheers
  8. I guess theoretically it can happen occassionally but I reckon it would be a complete waste of time if u specifically targeted them like that. I will stick with the yamashitas any day.Thanks for sharing though. Interesting read.
  9. I use motackle. It has a huge range of just about everything to do with fishing. Prices are good too.http://www.motackle.com.au/
  10. Daiwa are probably better for finesse fishing applications although light T Curves are not that bad either. I agree with TT though, Shimano offshore rods are probably better.At the end of the day, though, I reckon Shimano is probably better overall. Daiwa can just be too expensive sometimes.
  11. Not really an option for me. My current camera is too bad a quality to use for the magazine. I need to upgrade anyway. It's either that or the iPhone... So just buying a cover is not really an option at the moment
  12. Thanks mate. It would be just to have a nice one myself so that when I fish solo I can get sme nice pictures.
  13. Yeah. Probably a bit too far out of the price range for me.@jack- is the hero 2 magazine standard then?
  14. Hi guys,I am relatively inexperienced in terms of using HD cameras and underwater technology and so on. However, I need to come into the possession of a high quality HD camera with underwater capabilities for an article I am writing at the moment.As a regular viewer of IFISH, I couldn't help but notice that they tend to use a camera attached to a long pole to get their underwater shots. My questions are: how much do one of those systems cost? is there some sort of other system I should be looking into? Can I get a system for a price of $200-$250 max?Any input would be appreciated because I rec
  15. When fishing for squid it is best to wait for around 3-4 days after a big blow/ rain / storm. This gives the water time to settle back own and also means that the sun will have more time to evaporate the freh water sitting on top of the salt water which means you don't have to fish for squid too deep. Squid love clear water because it enables them to spot prey easily. Plus, during a storm squid tend to hide away and switch off feeding wise.
  16. Just remember to keep in mind the new rules and regulations regarding hook size in terms of jetty fishing.
  17. I was recently fishing with prawns for bream. As I reached into the packet to extract one, I felt a sharp prick-like feeling which eventually subsided.Days later, the same finger began to throb uncontrollably. There was no obvious probelm on the exterior, however when I got my aunty (a GP) to examine it, she told me that it was infected. Apparently, part of a prawn had entered the top of my finger and had stayed lodged in there until it had created an infected wound. I ignored it at first, but the problem just didn't go away.After a week of taking anti-biotics, the infection left. Lesson lear
  18. Here is what first came up when I researched balloon rigs. After reading through this I think doing it this way would work pretty well for dead baits too.http://www.gcfishing.com/ballooning.htmPersonally, I have never heard anything about the use of tennis balls but then again, I am definitely not a beach fishing expert. If you are fishing during the daytime, I don't think the use of a glow stick would be a necessity. The balloon itself should be enough of a visual indicator for you.You also asked whether it is wise to use a glow stick when fishing off a beach at night time. I presume you are
  19. Try to really think about where you are fishing when selecting plastics.For example, when you are strolling the banks of west lakes or an estuary similar to that, it is probably best to use a fish style lure. (eg squidgy mongrel, fish, slick rig, wriggler). These lures cast well and are great for prospecting because of their inbuilt and characteristic actions. Also, I would suggest that you add some scent to your plastics as this will only better your chances.When fishing in tight, structure-dominated areas, it is probably more effective to implement the use of jerk-style plastics like the Gul
  20. I really do hope one of the tradies did not steal that combo. If so, that is an absolute disgrace! That would be the last thing a customer would expect from people they are Paying! How grossly unprofessional?! Has 'Stu' rung around with some of the bosses of the companies supplying the tradies? If I were him I would tell the bosses what has happened before expressing my concern that one of their workers was the thief. I know it may be a long shot but maybe such a call would inspire one of the bosses to further investigate the issue? What sort of boss would allow a situation like the to simply
  21. Might just go A1 Charters from Pt Hughes. Their price is pretty good and I enjoyed it last time I went out with them.Looks like there are no charters in the Port after all.
  22. @TT- Not that way inclined mate. And I think you may be wrong about sambo too http://www.strikehook.com/forum/42-metropolitan/214707-1m-again-in-yak
  23. G'day guys,My birthday's coming up soon and I was looking at maybe going out on a charter during mid-September. I would be most interested in a Port River mully/ bream charter but I couldn't really find too much when I looked around on the web.Can anyone direct me to a decent charter operator in the Port?Thanks.
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