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  1. ha sanyone smoked rabbit and how'd it go? what was the method? going for shoot onthe weekend and might get a few.
  2. how does the cheese go i've seen it sold but thought it would have been cold smoked? . . . . i'm sooo hungry
  3. i'm going squiding photos too..... mmmm.
  4. don't know how it would go for braid to mono, albright doesn't catch as much through the eyes as the double uni and is really easy to tie. We spent a week up north on a barra trip casting lures all day for a week saw some big fish get caught too, my PB was 54cm not very big at all. but all six of us ran the albright and i recon we could just about tie it blindfolded haha.
  5. when was the drowning?? this weekend?
  6. 90% of time i run albright-leader-rapala loop-lure but the reason i ask for waxwing is on the shimano footage they're tying what looks like some sort of clinch or bloody direct to lure, does this help with this particular lure? guess i'll test it out seens as though i burnt a quick 20 on one today!! cheers johnny.
  7. cheers uhf. you the man.
  8. hmmm nice, similar to rapala loop. have you used it for waxwing lures fishyfish?
  9. what knot would be best for waxwing lure.. loop/rapala, crimp , direct tie, clip swiv etc.?? with minnows i've always done rapala loop knot to give a good action but on the youtube they tie direct to the lure with the waxwing... any thoughts or experience.
  10. cheers all, should be more specific. i got a 76 cm and filleted it then cut fillets into chunks and skined was top shelf, but had some chunky bits around fins and frame for berley but i've herd the scent of the snapsnap can turn off other fish, theory being if the fish can smell snapper blood possible shark... wives tail or not?? anything under legal size goes BACK! fish4future.
  11. i've seen ppl with knobs on their heads too so guess it could happen to squid
  12. can snapper be used for bait/berley for beach fishing for mullies or generally not done and why? have spoken to various ppl and get different opinions, would like to put this one to bed :dry:
  13. if your land based look out for crocs and take some bushmans (tropic strength)
  14. top flick jimbo, like the credits with the last cast nice touch coba
  15. if they're there and on the go i recon lures are the go and they're prob not that fusy, some pple make their own. good idea to change your trebles had probs with them getting off down size or even go to single.if it's quiet i'll go to a paty rig... still nothing i'll go home and eat toasties! never really berleyed up for them, have seen lads at selliks with pot on a rope and they had a swag of fish
  16. sometimes a good idea to downsize your trebles or even run a single, have had a few come in for the joy ride then drop off :ohmy:
  17. top flick shauno, we were there early April b4 easter... heaps of water! when were you lads there looks like you scored well. We got a few not heaps tho. Shitloads of tarpon around? gold bombers cheap and effective
  18. Makes sense S49 cheers for that, saw a pic of one that had an ali frame with rod holder and was two plastic tubs/crates occied to the frame. was a custom job looked pretty serious tho, wouldn't mind more of an all rounder. Gonna have a look at the cadet bags STU was on about (50bux too)
  19. i'm running a small carabee which is good for a quick flick, was more thinking along the lines of TheStu cheers for posts tho. @TheStu: do you use plastic cases with your tackle inside the bag or enough compartments built in, might have to go check em out. where do you put your catch? not that im coming accross that issue yet
  20. has anybody got ideas on a backpack for carrying tackle,bait,food etc. for landbased missions even custom setups, would love to see pics if poss. Am in the market and have also seen some custom jobs on other sitesCheers johnny
  21. nice work woodyi bought a rod from ebay store took it barra fishing up north and handle broke away from rod on first fish so lucky one of the lads had a sparie otherwise it would of been a :c trip :evil: :evil: :evil:
  22. deffinately let us all know jewie. I've been stung too many times on ebay but if you get yourself the reel deal would be good to know the seller/store
  23. Cracker shots red, torrens outlet ones the best
  24. i think it's called a rapala knot, it's quick n easy and forms a loop to give the lure a good action
  25. Mick184, what rod n reel setup you got? i recently got an Alvey 6500 for the surf and was also wondering if it's capable for shark from shore, pretty confident it would be but wouldn't mind knowing if anybody knows from experience? probablly wrong time of year but how would someone go putting a live salmon on? and what rig would you use? sorry to cut in on your topic m8 but was curious
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