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  1. Ive dug them whist cockling at Goolwa.Dab a couple of ST frames in the top of the wash and see what pokes its head up!
  2. afHave the box set on dvd, still the only tv series ive owned!up
  3. An oldie, but 'A River Somewhere' is still my fav!Of the current ones: River Monsters, YouFish & Extreme Fishing; Robbo can be a bit of a ponce tho.
  4. He has a pretty awesome bowl cut and was rather entertianing.Kinda along the same lines as 'River Monsters' talks to the indiginous locals and does his research etc, so pretty interesting.Yep, worth watching, given most things on TV are :c at the moment anyway.
  5. Thanks for the imput folks,Plenty of food-for-thought there.Has confirmed a few things: That i need to spend some 'quality time' with my 9' Catana chucking slugs. Hopefully i've sorted my problems braid tangles out so wont just crack the :c .Need to have a good look around and see whats out there around the graphite/composite front. Still like to have a look at a 4120 to at least see what it actually is!
  6. 4 yrs ago, I joined a mate & his mate on the ‘annual’ KI salmon trip. Having done bugger all fishing since messing about as a kid (im now 34), didn’t want to spent much to start with so picked up a combo from a local retailer: Jarvis Walker Tuff Tip 12' surf rod, 6-10kg; JW Royal Gold 6500 with 20lb mono.I struggled with the rod, nevertheless persevered & changing out the reel to a Penn 560L with 30lb braid.4years down the track... the rod just doesn’t suit me at all. I can’t cast anything for :c ,it’s way too heavy for me and totally insensitive. I hate using it, had enough and want to get something I can actually enjoy using all day!I’m after a rod for surf fishing; salmon/small mullies/small shark ect. Don’t know if im having a ‘pipe dream’ hear but something to chuck lures out in the depth of dark gutters and bait fish as well when I feel like sitting down.Im a small bloke at 5’9 70kg, fit but not particularly strong, so might struggle with the heavier but tough fiberglass stuff.Looked thru past posts and gather there’s much love for the Wilson’s; 4120, 5120 etc although I’m unfamiliar with them.I looked at the Shimano Aerowave graphite when it was released, seemed lovely and light. Had the sales guy hanging off the tip for me and appeared to have a bit of grunt (I’d be breaking first) but then its entirely different actually swinging one, which you cant really do instore! I dont mind spending up to around $200.Some advice will be greatly appreciated!
  7. did notice some from some from Kamikaze. cheap too.Cant tell what colours they're in but might be worth an email query.
  8. Just looking at Google, images must be pretty old cause the road is sealed into the ferry terminal and there's a ferry harbour there too!Hmm not sure where you mean. Was there back in a Feb '11, a little different to June now. Do recall driving out from the ferry terminal a Km or so where there was quite a decent dirt road to the left (west). This continued to a 4wd track (was pretty good) & headed roughly SW/W to Pt Vic for 6-7kms.Sections traversed the edges of salt pans which i suspect could be pretty boggy now. We drove to a high point near Pt Vic and climbed down to the the sand spit off the point. Not much in the way of mangroves in that area, a little north of the point and some fishy looking reef in close to the south. A little sludge and weed (and razor fish) perhaps, in close to the shore but was all sand further out.Dig for sea weed worms off the beach just west of the ferry. Gun YFW bait unless you're any good finding and pumping nippers.If weather is really :c try for STs where the Lincon Hwy crosses the mangrove ck before Cowell.If you are allowed to fish the ferry harbour these days try the entrance at run out tide.Have a crack for YFW just off the shacks there too. Close to beer supplies, assuming that's where you are staying.
  9. Lucky's rather exposed in the southerly 1/4 so could suggest some sheltered options inside Franklin Harbour...There is a dirt track to Point Victoria, roughly going SW from LB towards. Definitley 4x4 only and might be a bit boggy after rain tho. Would give good yak access to the main channel & inshore reef south of the Pt. Would be very suprised if there weren't salmon crusing that channel particularly concentrated at low tide. Should be a hoot on light tackle in a yak.Otherwise the boat ramp in Cowell focus on the channels at low tide. Google maps satellite is yout friend.Dunno about the surf beaches but know there are some good spots towards Arno.Hear the YFW get pretty big in winter. Wading the flats Nth of Pt Vic?.
  10. MOTackle has Ci4s on special at the moment, all sizes for $199.
  11. Been using FDick boning knives. These are butchers knives....bought a stiff boning knive for boning deer carcasses. Loved it so tried the flexible ones which turned out great for filleting. $25-30 online or MBL (Hanson Rd, Athol Pk).
  12. I too have had similar problems and recon it could be to do with slack line wrapping round the bail/bail arm/ spool ect at the cast.I dont mean to be patronising but check out this vid. Yeah i know it's paul worsterling and he can be a bit of a douche but was sadly a bit of a epiphany moment for me!http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvzjEVWMfRc should be plenty of gurus out there who can shed more light on the subject than me .....On another note, i have also lost more lures than id like with the leader knot flipping 90deg and catching at the rod tip. I tie albrights & super glue both tails. still have more problems with my salmon lure casting setup than my 6lb outfit?
  13. Buy one of those kenwood/sunbeam/breville deep friers. Awesome for the fish cakes too.
  14. Usually id be cringing at the inept journalism of Today Tonight....nevertheless very intersting and enirely plausable.Alas the mere plebs that we are will have the over politisised :c pulled over our eyes and we will never know or be able to trust what's going on.Chemical free backwash is complete :c , just not how desal is done! Discharger during the dodge tide? Would be rather dissapointing if this was indeed true but sadly unsuprising.
  15. As of yet only used redgum in my cheapo box smoker.Recon most gum sould be fine just make sure it's well seasoned to get rid of as much of the voatile stuff, kinda as you would for a slow combusion heater.Have been saving up some nice seasoned plum & apple branches to drop the saw thru, recon they should smoke well. Certainly smells awesome coming out the chimney in winter.
  16. Snook eat small fish, you'll often see them schooling gar, tommies ect. Try some small (around 50-70mm or so)shallow/mid diving HB minnow lures. I would recommend the Stiffy Minnows but they dont make them anymore .
  17. Whilst i don't have a crab cooker, can strongly recommend knocking up some sort of wind shielding device that will sit on the ground & wrap round the burner and pot.Made one out of galv garden edging. Ten mins with the tinsnips, makes a huge difference to boiling times for my beer making.
  18. I tie albrights and always use a tiny dab (with a tooth pick) of super glue on the tag ends of both leader and braid.Used to have dramas with my line breaking at the leader knot....seemed to catch in the last rod eyelet hence recon this is where it used to break off.Super glue will ensure the knot stays in place and can also smooth off the leader tag (if this points forward, like the albright) so things pass better through the eyelets.I'm happy now as i generally only break off where i tie to the lure snap.
  19. There was a fellow at the Adelaide Showground Farmer's Markert selling it along with scallops.Sundays 0900-1300hrs, Leader St entrance to Wayville showgrounds. Trades under Polacco Family Trust, not there every week tho.
  20. Surface poppers would definitly work if conditions enable it. If on the chow they wont give a hoot and slam 'em.Have dreamt of catching surf salmon on surface poppers the issue has always been suitable conditions to ensure casting distance and ability to see surface strikes for the added rush. Caught plenty of salmon on metal casting lures & surf poppers on a patternoster. Have similarly tried SPs on a patternoster but found the sand crabs love them, even unscented ones.Have been using surface poppers in the warmer months under the guise of catching YFW and never caught 1 yet...tho ST smash whiting poppers!Before the YFW come in, at the end of a run-out tide you can wade right off the sand flats and onto the edge of the channels where the ST cruise up and down. 1/2kg salmon on whiting poppers & 6lb line.....exciting way of fishing,surface strikes & the wake of big fish! Alas a more 'finess' fishing in ideal conditions.