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  1. Now that's pretty sexy!.... I go more 'old school': 90mm storm pvc with end caps, rods bagged with some rags or bubble wrap jammed in each end so they don't move around much.
  2. I'm assuming you're pulling them from a boat? I'm with the Chief and hands, having only ever done it wading on the low. The old tea towel fish rag does the trick!
  3. Blah, gotta add the 'unsuccessful' ones too, that's when we all learn stuff and perhaps even have a laugh at someone else's expense .
  4. Damn must be a good dam! Looking forward to reading your adventures up river with Wilda.
  5. OH. 2nd the North Haven Surf Life Saving Club, not far to walk. Also a small carpark just off the big roundabout at Lady Ruthven Drive/Oliver Rogers Rd. NH. Park at the end of Cooroyba Ct.
  6. Appears to be know as a yellowtail scad elsewhere. Chow's much easier. Called chow at the fishmongers here too. Distinctive yellow tail , golden back and bright silver elsewhere...kinda look like a small, elongated silver trevally... Usually schooling, relatively small ~20ish cm & good snapper bait. https://australianmuseum.net.au/yellowtail-scad-trachurus-novaezelandiae
  7. Dunno about funny...more ......cause the prevailing SW winds & currents push all that dirty water up Goolwa Beach and beyond and the Younghusband stays clean. Correct me if im totally wrong (im no marine biologist)........wont all that sediment load be great for increased numbers of cockles, given the eat that stuff? All in the reccie area too. It should re-open once the water clears and they test OK. Bloody frustrating that we cant even grab a few for bait tho. What I thought was funny was the closure came 8th of Jan. Coincidence perhaps, when folks came back form xmas/new years break and samples were actually taken for testing? So was a whole week of s**t contaminated cockles missed?
  8. Yeah and i was just about the take my young fella down for his first 'shuffle' week commencing 9th Jan. Now i'll be lucky if it clears and i can take him before starting school! Was pretty p**sed off! One less healthy outdoor activity the killjoys wont let us do .
  9. Folks, May be lucky ( ) enough to head over to Lucky Bay (Cowell) in Feb for 4 days hard fishing the local area. Having been a few times over the years Ive sussed a few things out and would like to have a solid crack at live baiting for Mulloway and possibly shark. Ive never done any live baiting so am after some advice, hints, recommendations etc. Basically I'm looking at my 2 surf outfits: Prevail 1202MH 8-12kg, 560 or 560L & 20lb mono or 30lb braid. Beach Basher, 850SSM & 30lb mono - considering dropping to 25/20lb for better casting & more capacity? I was thinking a running rig: Ezy Rig on mainline with a 1-5oz snapper lead/bomb as needed. swivel on end of mainline to 60/80lb mono trace to 2x8/0 suicides, snelled say 10cm apart? Unsure how long the trace should be so it is long enough but doesn't become difficult to cast? Should i consider a single circle instead, say an 8/0? If winds are offshore & cooperative (not likely tho) i'd consider ballooning out a livie but never really done this either! Not really after anything huge, small bronzie would be ideal (and yummy) Medium bean lead on mainline to swivel to hold livie down 2x8/0 suicides on wire trace (think Ive some 100lb coated stainless) from swivel balloon attached to loop of mainline via rubber band Again, how long for the trace? How far up the mainline should the balloon go? Worth considering a single circle, say even on 80lb mono?? I will be targeting a channel that is reachable from shore, so has some current. Given i'm looking at the (night) high tides, will be less an issue. It does not see much wave action but does get hit by the SWesterlies. There is a little rock, but generally runs out into seagrass, so is fairly clear. Live bait shouldn't be a drama in the immediate area. The s**ties are in plague proportions in the late summer and almost instantly on a small paternoster. Tommies should be achievable on small metals and yfw should be easy too. I have a couple of keeper nets and mate has a 12v aerator if needed. So am I in the right ball park, delusional or otherwise? Undies
  10. Damn that looks good. Doubt i'd have the discipline to get past the shucked stage tho!
  11. That would be this one? http://www.strikehook.com/index.php/topic/27893-peeling-skin-handling-fish/ Brutus' issue was due dermatitis mine is circulation related, leading to overly cold hands which can dry & split as a result.
  12. Now that the warm weather has finally arrived, i thought id share my latest idea to keep my hands warm....... for next winter season . As I've gotten older, the circulation in my hands is turning to s**t and i find much of winter I have to wear gloves, least my skin dry out, split and bleed . A lovely hereditary condition known as Raynaud's Syndrome for anyone interested. Wet, salty hands from winter fishing is the worst and i have tried a few ideas. Barrier cream is great to stop things drying out, but they still get ridiculously cold! Ive seen a few products out there that haven't been overly appealing, mainly too bulky/ lack of dexterity for any finesse work, rigging, re-tying etc. Super simple: a pair of Ninjas with the fingertips cut off at the first knuckle of the thumb, index and middle fingers. Done, such that there is still some rubber coating to prevent the knit unraveling. No seams, near full dexterity and cheap . I stress that this is entirely untested but I'm confident that it should make a huge difference. Also thinking that i could wear some fingerless polypro thermal gloves underneath if required. Perhaps a re-spray of water repellent if/as required.
  13. Yum yum. Would want to make sure the missus wasn't home. Interesting and i do like the idea of using all the fish. However a bit if a pain in the a**e and i'd sooner buy tuna oil. What's with wasting all that omega 3 goodness? I'd have be more impressed if he was drinking it or frying his food in it ! Obviously not using our local rainbow trout either .
  14. Hell yeah, yummo! Our humble ol' Aussie Salmon sashimi is surprisingly good too.
  15. Im not a bream man but recon OH Breakwater, North Haven will be the way to go? Unweighted bloodworms. Check piratepom's posts. YFW are thinning out on the flats as things slowly warm up. Suggest following BJSlick's thread; http://www.strikehook.com/index.php/topic/28287-tennyson-yellowfin-201617/ Recon those Tennyson/Grange gutters will be the go for the next couple of weeks or so. As things warm up further, snook will be achievable off the jetties too. ~75-100mm minnow style plastics under the lights (night time ) would be the best bet . OH Breakwater will produce snook too but they can be really finicky, will loads of frustrating follows and few hits!
  16. S&P. Hands down . The Holy Grail of squid dishes, when done properly. using opened tubes, cross cut with a knife & and pat dry. roll in spiced corn flour, dip in beaten egg whites and then flour again. deep fry! Spice mix something along the lines of: salt, black & sezchuan peppers, garlic, onion & chilli powders, Chinese 5spice........ A lot of work but major nom noms The Old Lady's ordered this for Xmas entree ......bagged 6 squid last Saturday . I'll just have to go easy on the margaritas if I'm deep frying squid only .
  17. Yep sounds quite do-able and a lot of fun too! If the schoolies have a bit of room to run you should be fine. For 1000 sized, 6lb or less. Folks seem to like 4lb for their bream but if gives me the the s**ts, being so fine and wispy. If you're wanting to target flatties & schoolies with the same setup, i'd lean towards 6lb.
  18. Not my area of interest but have have been looking vaguely at the SJ4000 for a while.
  19. Grabbed some more chipotles today and left with a lot more . Apparently might be the biggest range of hot sauces in the Southern Hemisphere!?
  20. Nice vid but geez the bloke can talk! Suggest starting at 8:29 if wanting to get down to business.
  21. Excellent! Thanks Plankton, had meaning to PM you regarding that one for ages! Took me a little while to get my head around what the second swivel was for......... Stops the hook from pulling all the way back thu to the pulley 'swivel', hence once the cast is tensioned up it sits like a 1-hook patternoster, more or less. One question: how to you bait up to ensure you don't effect the Gemini Clip's release?
  22. For whatever reason, he'd been carrying on with "I wanna go fishing with daddy" whereas i've normally been shafted for "mummy" so i just had to foster this new attitude! Had been hoping for a Saturday wading session with a mate but the weather had turned to s**t mid-week. Thursday i hand finally succumbed to the cooties the missus had sharing around for the preceding 3 weeks . Come Saturday morning i decided," f*** it, i may as well feel like s**t soaking a bait rather than sulking around at home". So our annulled wading plans turned into a Onk bait session on aforementioned mate's mates property. Young fella and i collected some tigers out of the compost bin. We arrived mid-arvo and spied a few fat carp hanging around. I had a few nibbles on worms and decided to target carp with bread. I didnt get a thing but mate landed 2 little reddies on worms, before we ran out of bait. Young fella had a ball, spent more time arsing around than anything else. Grabbed him a his first pair of polarised sunnies today, so he can "see the redfins"
  23. Thought i'd put up my recipe for my American style BBQ sauce. Perfect for ribs, char-grilling and even pizza topping. I did BBQ chicken pizzas for diner tonight . I started with a ridiculously complicated recipe and have fortunately refined it over the years to a a really simple one, with only 3 ingredients! bottle tomato puree/pasatta bottle of Worcestershire sauce 4-6 hot smoked chipotles, cut in half lenghtways Chipotles are absolutely essential and may prove hardest to find. I purchase mine from Chile Mojo , on Magill Rd. https://chilemojo.com.au/ I make my own worcestershire sauce too but any good one will do . Pour both bottles (approximately equal volumes of each) into a large sauce pan on low heat, add chipotles, bring to a simmer and stir every 5mins or so. As it it thickens it will spit like buggery. When the desired consistency is achieved, remove chipotles and bottle in sterilised jars. Will store for a year or so in the cupboard ( not likely) or in the fridge once opened.
  24. Very much enjoyed our Chilli crabs 'Cajun style' & Crab Linguine
  25. Thanks for the replies folks, We ended up taking Panga's generous offer to have a crack at the blueys in his part of the world. Was a 'slow' day (apparently) with 12 crabs pulled, more than I've seen, considering i've never crabbed before. Young fella had a ball. Actually woke up screaming 'we're going fishing' at 0650hrs this morning! I now know how to properly prep crabs. Ran out of time tonight but super keen to try the that Chilli crab 'Cajun Style' http://www.strikehook.com/index.php/topic/28222-blue-crabs-different-ways/ Once again, many thanks to Panga....an amazing fishos paradise and he seriously knows his stuff