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  1. Any ideas where to take the young fella (4 1/2yrs) tomorrow for a LB session? I was thinking West Lakes, either up near Bower Rd or down Trimmer Pde .............. maybe a lazy fresh session if reddies are likely to take tiger worms under a float in the upper Onk somewhere? Kinda to be nice to use his collection of those little red&white plastic floats i've had to buy every time we've been in a tackle shop. Feel free to PM your secret spots !
  2. Just gut feel, but would agree with that. Recon you'd probably be better off taking up jogging and picking wheel balancing weights off the road! For safe environmental disposal of the acid, it needs to be neutralised. Suggest pouring your acid into a plastic bucket containing lime
  3. Not sure what you mean? Your trough will be as 'deep as it is'. The total depth of the active worm farm will grow as the worms do their thing. As per points above; the gravel & textile ensure the entire farm free drains well and greatly assist aeration. I'd be topping the textile layer with a few sheets of newspaper, and then a block of soaked & broken coir fibre - ensure its not the stuff with the fertiliser added! (surprisingly hard to find, read all the label) Add a box of at least 1000 worms to the coir fibre and cover with hessian/underlay/carpet etc. Leave them overnight to settle in before feeding any veg scraps. Start feeding the worms only small quantities of mixed kitchen veg scraps, spread lightly over one side of the trough only. Cover the whole trough and don't re-feed until this has been eaten otherwise it will rot. Re-feed from the other side. The worms will reproduce and begin to eat more, particularly as the weather is warming up. Its a bit of a case of watch & learn as they gradually eat more. They will consume pretty well anything organic from the kitchen; fruit & veg peels & scraps, eggshells, coffee grinds & animal poo - remember most stock & pets are regularly 'wormed', wormicides are passed thru into their poo and can kill your compost worms too! So leave any poo from a wormed animal out to 'age' before adding to the farm or dispose elsewhere. garden refuse such as weeds & grass clippings are ok, just don't overload with too much. Probably better to compost most of this as quantities are generally too much, all at once anyway. If adding animal poo, suggest either avoiding or a cautious approach to using the casts/wee for foliage application to veggies. Maintain a varied diet, nothing of too much 1 item at once. They particularly dislike onions & citrus, avoid fats & oils. Contrary to popular belief, they will consume small quantities of meat scraps, if the dog doesn't. Water regularly, particularly in warmer weather and keep a bucket under the drain hole to collect all that goodness. Shade from the sun. But sun can be good in winter, where it can help keep them warm. Cover to keep rain out too; you want things moist not wet. Vermicast will slowly build up and is brilliant in the (veggie) garden. It is a good idea to harvest casts sparingly as they provides a stable mass for worms to 'ride out' temperature fluctuations and maintain moister levels.
  4. Trof meaning an old laundry sink? Doesnt really matter as yes you will need drainage. Suggest: ensure it actually drains to the outlet, covering the outlet with that plastic guttter quard, filling base with 50-100mm of washed 20mm gravel, top with geotextile fabric and then into your worm farm base material: coir, newspaper ect. keep a bucket under that drainage hole. Worm wee is good gear! Yes also cover as worms do not like the the sun/light. covering will ensure they come right up during he day as well as the night, plus stop things drying out too much. Hessian is great. Old carpet/carpet underlay is also excellent.
  5. Underpants


    Should've given you a buzz to grab an extra one .
  6. 89cm wading Franklin Harbour. Was mad on my 1-3kg stick, 5lb and only 8lb leader on! Never seen anything like it before or since. Perhaps for the boaties?
  7. Same for me. I eat very little salt and hate my foods too salty. This method certainly does not make the results too salty. Brining also removes moisture and firms the flesh a little. For salmon, i prefer fillets from fish 35cm+. I find the smaller STs too much work for the return plus the thinner parts of the fillets get too dry. Funny tho as I'll always prefer smoked tommies over salmon and then i happily use the smaller fillets!
  8. Just noticed all Gulp SPs are $5 at Big W, dunno how long for. Range is a little limited but picked up some 5" Jerk Shads (tho no Nuclear Chickens ) and Turtleback Worms for when the season changes.
  9. Nice work Doobs. I admire your perseverance & glad it paid off .
  10. Nah just recently took the young fella to the Museum last school Hols. I always like the marine display they've got there so must have just been stored in the ol' noggin somewhere.
  11. Opah or the Spotted Moonfish http://australianmuseum.net.au/opah-lampris-guttatus-brunnich-1788 Lots of interesting stuff has been washing up with our recent month's crazy winds & swell.
  12. Walked back to shore & stripped off once back on the exposed flats. Apparently realllly hard to walk in, he fell over twice in the shallows, tripping over razor fish!
  13. With all the ordinary weather we've been experienced, its been 6 weeks since i had wet a line. Finally the weather and tides cooperated and I managed a light tackle salmon session with a couple of mates, on today's low tide. Things were really quiet to start with, too quiet. Were they all gorged on bloodworms? Then uncannily........ literally as if one had pressed a button they were 'on' . There were surface bust-ups all around us and the three of us didn't quite know where to cast. Any direction, any lure was smashed.The fish were not of any spectacular size, curiously all around the 26-32cm range but they were fun, feisty and super aggressive! No idea what they were feeding on? Beautiful clear, calm day in the water and some good clean fun. Would have easily landed 30+ of this size. Tried bait for nothing noteworthy and no squid about. Just took home a feed. News to me that Hornes have released a new 'wetsuit' range ........ Every time he slips on the waders he goes for a swim!!!!
  14. A many hypothetical there ! YFW, yes, yes & yes! ........KGW, would very much would depend on where and when you are chasing them. Ive had Kgw aggressively attacking bloodworms, wading the flats in the cooler seasons. So inshore & during these 'bloodwormy runny' months? Sure. Otherwise i'd be going going the ol' cockle & squid
  15. Good luck, looks like you may score some sweet weather...for a change....may even hold to the weekend . Usually a windy part of the world down there. Hate to be the 'Kill Joy' but Coorong National Park = no doggies .
  16. It soaks in and forms an exterior barrier that is quite good wearing. Just as long as you don't use too much and leave it for a few minutes to work. I dont really know its there even when rinsing or washing my hands, doesn't go slimey like it does with moisteriser etc. I dont do a lot of bait fishing but have had no discernible problem with lures. I cant imagine a problem with bait, as the barrier stays on the hands. Certainly makes it easier to clean stuff off your hands as it doesnt really contact the skin.
  17. Many cooking oils are imported. Checking mine..... Sunflower:Malaysia, Coconut:Thailand, Peanut:China. The only Australian oil I've got is EVOO which i purchase direct off a local producer, not for deep frying tho . Indeed leaves a taste....delicious, mild, coconut taste !
  18. Ive seen the infomercials for those. For some reason i actually half watched rather than ignore the ad, which i usually do. This one really intrigued me and actually looked like it would do a good job. How does it go for meat, like whole or rolled chickens, whole pork/beef scotch, rolled lamb etc on that rotisserie? $350 tho ......
  19. Contact dermatitis? Might be worth trying the strongest oral antihistamines you can get over the counter. You must take it well before contact tho! I use Fexotabs 180mg for contact dermatitis & insect allergy. Also worth considering a soap free hand wash too, something like QV wash. I hope something works.
  20. Agree Zorgs, Barrier cream before contact & QV cream afterwards. I use regularly Jungle Brolly Hand Shield (barrier cream) for all sorts of work. Prior fishing & fish cleaning, gardening and especially anything involving oils/grease/solvent/WD40 etc (plus nitrile gloves) . I use QV cream every night as i go to bid, this way it doesn't get rubbed/washed off.
  21. welcome to the fold of health food ! Any high smoke point oil (kinda the same as flash point): sunflower, canola, rice bran. Dont touch olive oil it's smoke point is way too low!! I'm currently using sunflower oil which i get from Gaganis by the 5lt but a bit of a drive for a Southerner. I like to keep reusing my oil for as long as i can because it gathers so many awesome flavours, (fish, garlic, chilli & spices ) given for savory stuff only! Many folk will disagree here but each to their own. The trick is to filter out all the bits between uses so they don't get burnt and make things taste less desirable. I filter into an old oil bottle with a big funnel and a piece of 'chux' style cloth, cheesecloth would be good too. Coffee filter paper is way tooooooo fine tho. Always while the oil is still warm (such that you can put your finger in comfortably) so its not too viscous. Eventually the oil will start to break down and smoke then will have to be discarded. The small appliance style deep fryers are great as they hold a good volume of oil for smaller sized portions and you can regulate temp with the thermostats. Are a right pain to clean though. I use mine outside on the bbq rather than in the kitchen. I have two main approaches to fish/meat coverings: Salt & pepper: A double coating of spiced flour & egg white is magic. Using cornflour and whatever you like. 5spice, chilli, salt, black & szechuan pepper, carlic & onion powders ect. crumbed. Good old fashioned supermarket breadcrumbs, not a fan of planko. Flour, egg, breadcrumbs, egg, breadcrumbs. I'm not a fan of batter unless it's banana fritters but they don't work with my fishy, spicy oil.
  22. Ah sigh, yet again I'll live my fishing dreams thru your eyes Great to see you're making the most your hols and out and into it..... not sitting around fingering the PlayStation, not that you ever would be!
  23. Don't forget to factor in (at least) the minimum wage to the time spent traveling, fishing, cleaning catch , then you going to come up trumps. S**t even the $ value of time away from family..... I'm not having a dig or anything.....but i could just about guarantee that none of us have 'save money by not buying fish from the supermarket' as our prime motivation to go fishing, if it's even considered as a motivating factor! In an over-simplistic 'monetary only' analysis of fishmonger vs 'Underpants', the fish monger would win hands down..... every time. Sure I usually go out with the intention of bringing home a feed (unless carping ) and it is immensely satisfying to bring said feed of fresh seafood to the dinner table. my fresh salmon, mullet, tommies, squid, leather jacket, hell even wrasse has put smiles on my table! Id i never buy from any of those from a fishmonger, maybe Tassie 'Atlalantic' Salmon, NT barra & a few others I've been fishing for years, love it dearly but only get out occasionally and have maybe learnt a thing or two.....fishing metro landbased for a consistent good feed is hard ( more like impossible), you will need to put in many, many, unproductive hours to learn the art. So if you only want take up fishing to save money by catching your own rather than buying it, don't consider fishing, just buy it! One other note 'fresh' fish from the supermarket is kinda a misnomer. What is 'fresh' is not, what is frozen or 'thawed for your convenience' is mostly imported. Sadly usually unsustainably farmed or harvested from waters with little or no effective regulation.
  24. After an unsuccessful July Run.... i lamented at the seasons old, mushy brown worms in my chest freezer and decided see how well the would 'brine'. http://www.strikehook.com/index.php/topic/27859-what-could-possibly-go-wrong-a-tale-of-the-wannabe-bloodwormers/ The Lads who offered assistance when we broke down said that was how they preserved them. Ive always used the 'metho' method as if you place them straight in brine/salt while they are alive they split and spurt blood everywhere. In this case they had been been 'metho-ed' 2 seasons ago, and some had even been re-frozen. Most were unusably soft so I decided to brine the lot. Standard brine mix; boiling water with as much salt as could be dissolved. worms all defrosted and dried on a bit of newspaper then into the cooled brine and freezer. After a couple of weeks in the freezer i pulled a few out and left them to thaw. They came up nice and firm and should hold on a hook well. Much better than dumping them into the burley pile......if August's Run doesnt work for me