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  1. Thanks for your tips folks. We had a great weekend and whilst we decided not to take the boat due to the forecasted wind warnings we hit the salmon on most beaches we tried and the squid were willing on the Haslam jetty. Pic attached of some of the thumpers that we caught on the trip. Felt like hanging on to a road train! Great fun
  2. Thanks lads, I hope I can report back with a few pics of some fine west coast specimens
  3. Howdy all,It is our annaul west coast jaunt to Streaky Bay for 5 days commencing this Friday. We drag the 560C Crusher over for a few trips outside to our usual KG spots and have also a crack on the beach for some salmon fun too. However checking the BOM site it looks like there could be some sloppy stuff on the way unfortunately. Can anyone help with any tips fishing in the shelter of Steaky Bay's bay itself even just to get some crabs or squid. Would be a bumma not to get the Crusher wet. Thanks folks.
  4. Great post thanks oh and the mully aint bad either
  5. Fishing at Smoky Bay last weekend, after getting our bag of blacks we trolled over some of the weed line and pick up a swag of good size tommies and some nice ST's. They loved the daiwa double clutch. Pic attached. Cheers
  6. G'day folks,Don't see many flounder up the top of the Spencer Gulf, but yesterday amongst some great KG fishing I caught a very nice 40cm flounder (my first decent one)I have scaled and cleaned it but would value any tips on how best to cook it up (fillet or leave it whole) Thanks all.
  7. Classic thread lads, cant wait to hear about the results from Stage 2
  8. Thanks for the report 4THA, I am a bit like Moggy23 having a few Daiwas but I will give a couple of these a go, cheers
  9. Nice work, was good to hear some others stopped to help too.
  10. Great pics of the storm. Just about makes me want to head back up and see the river, has been too long. Magic thank you
  11. Agreed, sad story indeed and is one that unfortunately repeats itself all too often. Rock fishing would have to be one of the more dangerous forms of our sport but really must be conducted with company.I am sure this bloke would of been enjoying the solitude of fishing by himself and having some time out to himself. Problem is when things go wrong there may be no one around to help. RIP cobber.
  12. Yeah I saw that episode Kuerschie,One of the fish that jumped into the boat nearly took out a bloke who was sitting in the back, not a good outcome for the river but it did look pretty funny
  13. Cant imagine the damage they would do to our fair waters
  14. Super stuff, well doneCaught plenty of snapper, but I cant say I have jagged one when trolling
  15. Well done that is a ripper, plus it is one less carp in our waters! Looks like you have stopped a few more thousand baby carp as well looking at her belly! Good stuff