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  1. silaflex

    Vapour trail, has the pilot lost his bearings...

    Obviously Chemtrails...….
  2. silaflex

    Boat retrieval gone horribly wrong....

    By the looks of the rings on the surface the motor could still be running.....
  3. silaflex

    Entry Level Open Boat

    Do they really have substantial free board when they cut that much out to mount the engine? Boats like that make me nervous.
  4. silaflex

    Port gawler

    Great place to fish. The couple of times I have fished there I have never been able to relax thinking about what might be happening to my car.
  5. silaflex

    West lakes depth

    The video also states that footy park would hold 80000.....
  6. I'd want to be pretty hungry. Not sure I have ever been that hungry.
  7. silaflex

    The Morality of Fishing

    I don't morally justify it. It is not a moral issue.
  8. silaflex

    Goodbye Carp

    Yeah sure.
  9. silaflex

    2.7m Catfish Caught

    You wouldn't be reaching under the bank overhang and pulling that one out by the jaw.
  10. silaflex

    advice on ABU 7000i

    I don't know for sure, but I can't imagine they would be anywhere as good as the Swedish model you have used in the past.
  11. silaflex

    Fishing Tattoos!?

    Mine's 12 inches long but I don't use it as a rule!
  12. silaflex

    Tiger Shark Caught and Kept

    It is one shark.Is it worse than killing thousands, no, millions of sharks just to chop their fins off and toss the carcass overboard?
  13. silaflex

    James' First Mully

    Great to see young lads out fishing. So many of your age would never have been outside for long enough to catch a fish.
  14. silaflex

    A new King George Whiting Record

    You would have to really like fish.Personally, I would rather eat sausages.