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  1. Unfortunately you can only purchase them in SA over the net. Hoping that will change very soon when I visit the Austackle HQ next week in QLD and talk to the Boss.But at any time come down to an SABT Bream comp weigh in, or LMLFC event, and have a chat to me I'd be more than happy to show the lures once they are in my tackle box
  2. Here is a sneak peek at the Kouji-Kan 48mm Vibe from Austackle And also a sneak peek at the very popular Shinku sinking stick colour chart for 2013-2014 :woohoo:
  3. The colour charts for some of the new rangeI'm not 100% on when the Mud Hornet is due. But I will post it up once I know and I'll post up more colour charts for the different lures once they are available
  4. I thought I'd post up the 2013-2014 lure range from Austackle Of the lures on the chart, The Sakana XD40F, Sakana-Kan DD, Sugar Glider, Kouji-Kan, Wally and Wally Junior and Destroyer should be available late August.The NEW Banana Boat surface lures are available now
  5. Got a new addition to my gang last week, Austackle Cruz Pbi 1500 reel :woohoo: Great little reels, 5.2:1 gear ratio, smooth tournament drag with micro adjustment, nice ergonomic machined handle with comfortable grip. Great value too at $129 (RRP) and you get an embroidered reel bag also The full gang, 2 x Cruz 2500 & 2 x Cruz 1500 reelsMatch these reels with an Austackle Featherlight rod and you've got an awesome super light lure casting combo
  6. Nice storm pic Scorps. Almost a donut though' date=' but lucky the one in the pic wanted some lunch at the right time Might as well post the rest of the pics here,Cadell SunriseIt was a cracking dayFound a nice little island that we used to have a swim off later in the dayOne of the locals keeping an eye on usHad a good day out, cheers Scorps
  7. Went with Scorpion to Cadell yesterday before a storm rolled in.The storm clouds rolling inAs we left Cadell the storm was really rolling in..Sure was an amazing sight .
  8. Mainline Breambo. According to the Berkley youtube video you can use a leader with it or tie it straight to your lure.Power Pro is much much better .Thanks Cal & Brenton good to see I'm not alone in one way
  9. Howdy Strkehookers,Gave the new Berkley Nanofil a dance yesterday in 4lb casting hard bodies at Bream.http://www.motackle.com.au/index.cfm?pr=product&product_id=8053I was not impressed at all. I found the 4lb to be too light and 'wispy' and difficult to cast with. Although the line its self my be good I think the 4lb of less is too light :dry: First cast, wrapped around the first eye on the rod (from the reel)... Checked the leader knot to make sure there was no tag end sticking out.. cast or two later..around the second eye :pinch: So next I trimmed the leader so the knot was off the reel before casting but also re-tied the leader knot to make sure it was smooth and trimmed the tag end right to the knot Didn't make much difference still got caught on the first or second eye. I think 4lb and under is too light and personally it gets the thumbs down.The 8lb may be a better option to try . Its 0.006" diameter but the slightly heavier line may cast better and leave you with less wind knots and tangles.Cheers
  10. That's them BR, cheers for that :cheer:
  11. Howdy all, anyone know where I can get these from (pictured below)? Rod Sleeves. I saw a few guys with them on the weekend, they were different colours and had metal eyelets at the top.I have found some on the Bass Pro Shop web site in the USA but once you pay $40 for postage ist not worth it.Cheers
  12. I have posted the question to Steve Morgan' date=' part owner of Fishing Monthly' date=' on another forum just asking to clarify that. It says free so I have asked if the News Agents are within their rights to charge $4.95 CheersLL [/quote'']This was his reply to my post