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  1. Hi All I also work in Healthcare and would like to reiterate everything Kelvin said. It's important to take notice of the daily announcements regarding social distancing and the relevant restrictions. Things are changing daily and sometimes quite rapidly. Just an example of what's happening in the regions, I received an email this week informing me that Stansbury Caravan Parks are cancelling all of their Easter bookings and closing both parks to all except permanent residents until 31st May. Fish locally and sensibly and consider that while you may want to travel, there's a lot
  2. Typical, I paid regular price for the Inkbird ITB 6x just recently and now it's on sale! Story of my life. I bought the Arrosto gas smoker from BBQ galore, basically a Hark with different badge, just over a year ago, family so impressed with ribs, lamb, goat & brisket they convinced me to get on offset smoker as well. Yet to try the Tommies, got a swag in the freezer waiting for me to get the time.
  3. After reading all of the comments posted lately it seems to me that there's a perception that because things didn't go the way some people wanted them to then RecfishSA didn't fight on their behalf and just rolled over and let PIRSA do what they want. Were you there? Were you in the room during these negotiations? I was in the room at the bag & boat limit discussions and had to sign a confidentiality agreement to be there, as did everybody in the room. All I can say is that RFSA fought their arses off to prevent the KGW bag limit reduction as did I and just about everybody else that was pr
  4. As Hugo said. Corroboree billabong and Shady Camp freshwater side both good day trip options (read leave Darwin around 0400 stop for bacon & egg rolls at Corroboree hotel). Just to whet your appetite this one went 86cm from Shady Camp freshwater in September 2010. Wahoo
  5. I'm with Moggy. Squid tubes for food, heads for bait. Any Tommies that evade the smoker or being turned into roll mops go in the bait freezer, butterflied Tommy is great bait and if it gets thawed then into the burley. We have a dedicated chest freezer for bait/burley
  6. Certainly helps if the wife fishes. A few years back mine convinced me that I should spend $300 on a new whiting rig, it's more than paid for itself over the years and the reel is now needing some TLC. If you buy Pfleuger make sure it's salt water and braid compatible, mine now needs a new spool, lucky it came with a spare carbon fibre one which is about to be pressed into service. Of course by convincing me that I needed an expensive combo then shortly after, SHE needed one as well,. Now, I think she needs to convince me to get a new Snapper outfit!!!!!!!!
  7. As others have mentioned, chook pellets from local fodder store. 2 * 1.5litre water bottles frozen for use in esky with salt water, chills down effectively & doesn't dilute the salt water. We have a small chest freezer dedicated to storage of bait & burley so: Squid, tubes get eaten, heads & wings (if not used for food) go into the bait, guts into burley Any Tommies that don't make it to the plate or the smoker go into the bait bag. Guts, frames, heads, minced and into burley bag. Any bait not used goes into the burley bag, chopped up fine, mixed with Tuna o
  8. Saw the pics on Adelaide Now but didn't read the story, big suckers those European (Wels?) Catfish. Seen Jeremy Wade trying to get one that big but not succeeding in the episodes I've see.
  9. The missus & I use either size 4 Owner Mutu Light Circle or a 1/0 KL Circle, both essentially the same size!. The oldies still like to use a size 4 longshank, can't say our catch rates are much different but the circles work better for me as my rod spends a lot of time in the holder while I'm rebaiting, unhooking fish etc for the fair one and doing all the other little chores the skipper has to do. Plus I get sidetracked catching squid or chucking a SP around.
  10. Wahoo

    Crab nets

    Hi Langley The others have answered your question so I'll give you a quick update. Just got back from 9 days in Stansbury during which time I only managed to put the boat in the water twice due to the incessant 25knot winds. However, there are large blueys on the spit as well as squid, plenty of KGW if you move around and there are some really nice Gar (30-35cm) around as well. As usual, Tommies abound and their size is up in the 20-25cm range. The missus nearly got spooled by an unseen oogly on 6lb braid, main suspect was the grey doormat seen on the bottom shortly before her whiting bait
  11. Try slicing thinly and then beating the crap out of them, less effort and the fibres separate better, done that way it only takes a very short cook on high heat. I've also had them put on the barbie plate whole and take thin slices off the edges as they cook, no tenderising, works well but time consuming.
  12. If anyone wants to give something slightly different a try, a few years back I scored a Kahawai in NZ of about 3-4kg. Was put straight on ice and later that night filleted , blood line cut out and we had it as sashimi. Swore there & then that I'd never cook another one.
  13. Well done Connor, nice article. Good to see you took up the advice of 4THA and others when they said you should write for a magazine. You young fellows are the future of Rec Fishing in this state, are we seeing the future of Rec Fishing Journalism as well? Well done young man. Wahoo
  14. I've also posted this in the other thread under industry news: RFSA and DRFC have collaborated on a response to CSCC, attached is the response on DRFC letterhead and the RFSA response has also been sent to council to reinforce rec fisher concerns. Cheers All Wahoo 140725 sg CSCC West Lakes Closure Letter v2.pdf
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