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  1. trihull

    Handy pliers

    How is the cutting edge like? Does it cut Braid cleanly? Have you tried the nose tang for split rings yet??? If all good, seems like a great pick up................. P.S Which Bunnings? And what area? The Tools Section, or in an isle elsewhere?
  2. Once Again, Alex, you never cease to amaze & produce fish.. !!!!!
  3. Saw a YouTube clip on those, you know you could also add the larger lumo beads into the heads of the plastic squids..... fills them out better and stops squid from fouling hook Well Done !!!!
  4. trihull

    ripped off

    silk, Firstly you need to state what engine you have, if you want help finding an "authorised servicing agent" Next, you probably won't like this one, BUT, you will need to take your engine to the dealer and PAY for a documented report, diagnosis / repairs, and if required photographic evidence. You will not find a service agent that will repair your engine for free......... Once you have all of this, and it is found that you are correct in your claim of shoddy work, then you have the required evidence to take it to the Small Claims Tribunal, or Today Tonight, to try and recover your previous costs, and for the costs of the repairs. Hope that this helps out somewhat Trihull
  5. trihull

    ripped off

    Adelaide based Today Tonight ? Channel 7 maybe ???
  6. They make good crab bait too .. bigger chunks ofcourse.... What is the model of your shredder .. been looking for one of those ...
  7. Patience and perseverance..... at least you are giving it a crack ......
  8. I went out and bought two (2) Lethal 100's @ $115 each a while back, right after Alan Hawk did his write up, expecting price hike... cracker bargain.. will use these on my jigging outfits, with PE 5, near on bullet proof.......
  9. YES INDEED !! Even if you just bought the one Fin Nor Lethal, and you still would have over $1300 in your back pocket !!! But then you have those who swear black and blue, that a brand name means everything......
  10. Amazing to say the least ...... 97/100 and not a Shimano in the TOP 5 Best in World ......
  11. Well done, I see you made Page 3 Sunday Mail 29th June
  12. SP Worms work a treat, cut them up into small pieces like you would a normal worm.... and thread them on the hook just the same....
  13. Nice ideas there Luke5600 .... could also try re-hydrating it in salt water ........... with pilchard oil...
  14. Looks the goods there Moggy, might have to look at doing the re-rigging thing as well..... got a few to do.............