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  1. Watch out if some of the hairs on your head start standing up as well!Happened to us surfing in thundery conditions one day.Apparently its a warning sign that a lightning strike could be imminent.
  2. I have the 10kg Rovex with a Shimano Tekota 600 and 20lb platypus lowstretch line. It had no trouble with a 5.5 foot bronzie and a few snapper to 65cm.It has a completely different feel to the penn sports 8-10kg that I also use.I haven't had it long and am still getting familiar with it.It is lighter.
  3. Aaah memory lane. You guys have motivated me to clean up my old 650c1,fibreglass spool, its close to 25 years old. It even caught a mackerel at Exmouth many years ago spinning off the rocks with one of the "incredible irons" range of lures. They were good lures and some worked ok with the Alvey. Whatever happened to them?The butterworth rod I used is 25 years old as well. Are they worth restoring or will the fibreglass have degraded too much?