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  1. Murphysegg

    Smoked Shark

    Has anyone tried Smoking Gummy ? Any tips, brine mixes ?
  2. Murphysegg

    Perfect fish pie

    Just tried this out with a bit of Gummy & prawns. Thoroughly recommended The only changes i made were adding a squeeze of fresh Lemon juice to the sauce & using fresh spinach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXnHPAYMENo&t=188s
  3. Murphysegg

    clip down pulley rig

    Nice vid but geez the bloke can talk! Suggest starting at 8:29 if wanting to get down to business. I'm hoping they put up the english version soon. Almost need subtitles with that one Hahaha........My parents are Geordies so i must be more atuned to the accent I liked the look of the Pulley Rig for it's casting ability & also the way the fish would pull the sinker up clear around the central pivot point upon hookup. I tried this rig last year down Salties but didn't notice much gain in casting distance but that would have been more due to my lack of casting technique, so i would assume a proficient surf caster would benefit with this rig. I didn't have any hookups whilst using it & switched over to a traditional paternoster for the remaining w/end, however i think i'll try it again if ever i chance upon a hot bite.
  4. Murphysegg

    clip down pulley rig

    There's a few variations of this rig. Chk out this guys Youtube channel for more info on making your own gemini clips etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeVntpTqOSg
  5. Murphysegg


    Good onya for giving it a go. Best not dwell on the big hit Reckon you did that 3rd fish a favor.
  6. Murphysegg

    Drone fishing for tuna

    Who needs a boat
  7. Murphysegg

    No photoshop. No Editing. Pure camera.

    2nd that. Cool pix.
  8. Murphysegg

    Boat fire

    Uninsured !!! WTF ?
  9. Murphysegg


    Cheers Southie. Interesting, i did take a look at the Penn Prevail & the Allegence has some tough specs . Where did you pick up the Allegance from ?
  10. Murphysegg


    Hi fisho's, I'm looking for a Surf rod to hang a Saragosa SW10000 off & am looking for some suggestions. I saw a few in store the other day & the SAMAKI Zing surf 1202 SXH caught my eye. Does anyone on this site have some first hand experience with them ?
  11. Murphysegg

    Smoked Tuna

    I can vouch for Smoked Tuna recipe. It's the bomb. By far the best smoked fish i've done. Very simple & tastes beautifull cold. You will not be disappointed. If you are.....i'll take it off your hands.
  12. Murphysegg

    Snapper Tips

    Good find Josh.
  13. Murphysegg

    Simple Southern Bluefin Patties

    Cheers SG. I'll be giving this one a go this w/end.
  14. Murphysegg

    Wedge, Snug, Crab

    WFM !!! King crab that certainly is
  15. Murphysegg

    Smoked Tuna

    Cheers Seagypsy. I tried this recipe out at the w/end with some tuna belly & the results were A1. My previous attempts with other fish have been a bit hit or miss, but this ones a winner. Still tastes great cold.